Meta is testing a new feature on Instagram. The upcoming Instagram Notes feature کاربرد is used to publish short notes.

Using the notes feature on Instagram, users of this popular social network can share short content with their friends and followers that is displayed for up to 24 hours.

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What is the Instagram Notes feature?

Ahmad Ghanem, a social media expert, discovered the new feature and posted pictures of it on Twitter. According to the pictures that you can see below; The new feature appears on the messages page and at the top. By selecting the + icon in this section, you will encounter the phrase Leave a note, and as a result, you can share a new note with others.

Of course, there are some limitations to the Notes feature, and for example, each text can only contain 60 characters, which seems acceptable. This feature has no notifications but can be viewed for 24 hours.

At the moment, how to display this mode for users is not specified, but Instagram has confirmed that it is testing this feature with a small number of users. A Meta spokesman said:

“We are always working on features to help you better connect with others on Instagram. “We are now testing Notes so that users can quickly share their thoughts with their friends or a small group of people.”

Yesterday you got a new Instagram tool for User age detection using artificial intelligence we said. Instagram is recently trying to control the age of its users.

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