Instagram market volume in Iran How much is it and how many percent of the country’s digital economy do Instagram businesses account for? Stay with us.

According to the detailed report published by the National Center of Cyberspace on the statistics of digital businesses in domestic and foreign platforms, Instagram market volume in Iran It is 70 thousand billion tomans per year, which includes approximately 7.3% of the country’s digital economy. It is happening that earlier, an official had announced this figure as only 3%.

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What is the market size of Instagram in Iran?

The public relations of the National Center for Cyberspace announced: “The television interview of Abolhasan Firozabadi, the secretary of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace, on the 17th of November this year, regarding the migration of small businesses to domestic platforms, has brought a false reflection in some media.” Firouzabadi’s emphasis in this interview was on small businesses, which some news agencies and databases have mistakenly generalized this statistic to all businesses by removing the word “small”: It is worth mentioning that the descriptive report related to the statistics provided to enlighten the public opinion, especially the media and news agencies are presented as follows:

1. After reviewing, validating, and comparing the statistical reports published by the following authorities regarding the Instagram economy and comparing these reports with the observational reports of the National Cyberspace Center, the various dimensions of the country’s digital economy’s dependence on this foreign statistics platform have been brought to the notice of decision makers.

  • Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance
  • Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
  • Ministry of Industry, Mining, Trade
  • Organization of the computer trade union system
  • Internet Business Union
  • Periodic reports of ISPA
  • Tekrasa business report
  • Tekrasa advertising market report
  • Knowledge Foundation Commission and Information and Communication Technology Federation of the Chamber of Commerce
  • Development Center of Imam Sadegh University (AS) (Sephra)
  • Published reports from stock exchange companies (fixed and mobile operators, etc.)
  • The report of some private sector companies active in the virtual environment of the country;

2. As mentioned in the interview of the Secretary of the Supreme Council of Cyber ​​Space, internal platforms have the ability to host small businesses and can be a suitable platform for buying and selling and supporting various industries and businesses. The table below compares ten domestic platforms (which were mentioned by the Secretary of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace) in terms of functional and commercial facilities with similar foreign ones. Functional features refer to a set of basic capabilities in the platform that provide the possibility of interaction, feedback, sales and networking for business owners. Commercial facilities are also concerned with a group of components that enable market creation for the main players of the digital economy:

Instagram market size;  How much money do Instagram businesses generate annually?
Instagram market size

3. As the digital economy is divided into three layers: “Core”, “Digital Economy” and “Digitalized Economy”, the economy of Instagram has also been examined in these three sections. From all the statistical reports mentioned in the previous section, the volume of the Instagram market in Iran is 70 thousand billion tomans, which if we add the sectors without statistics to it as an estimate, it will constitute a maximum of 7.3% of the country’s digital economy. It emphasizes that this is 7.3 percent of Instagram’s market volume to the entire digital economy of the country, and the share of Instagram’s economy in relation to the GDP is much lower than this value. The explanation of this statistic is as follows:

A) The share of Instagram traffic from the total market volume of traffic sales by fixed and mobile communication operators is 50% and is equivalent to 30 thousand billion Tomans per year.
b) The size of the Instagram market in the second layer of the digital economy is estimated to be around 15 thousand billion Tomans per year. The market volume in this sector is the product of service activities such as advertising services, customer support services, logistics services, comprehensive solution services, etc.

C) The estimated size of the “digitalized economy” market with Instagram (including pages for selling clothes and apparel, visual arts, cosmetics, jewelry, educational services, etc.) is estimated at 25 thousand billion tomans per year.

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Instagram market size;  How much income do Instagram businesses generate annually?q

4. Businesses that have been formed or developed on the platform of Instagram can be divided into three main sections:

A) Guild jobs: This category of businesses have licenses to operate from different categories and use social networks as a platform for marketing. The main sales of this category of businesses are done outside of Instagram using dedicated payment portals or in person.

b) Small businesses: This category of businesses do not operate as a union and in addition to marketing, they use Instagram and other messengers as communication tools with their customers. According to the surveys, about 415 thousand Instagram pages belong to small businesses, which include home businesses and businesses under the stairs. The payment of this group of businesses is mainly done by card to card or payment on the spot.

C) Content businesses: income generation of this category of businesses is not based on selling goods or services, but through managing Instagram pages and attracting audiences, they attract advertisements and generate income. Although about 60% of the jobs created on Instagram are in this sector, the market size of this group is 7.5% of the total.

Instagram market size;  How much money do Instagram businesses generate annually?

5. According to the national survey conducted in September of this year, only 6.4% of citizens prefer Instagram shopping and reasons such as distrust towards the seller and delivery of goods (39%), delivery of goods with different specifications (11%), delay in Delivery of goods (3 percent) and the inability to complain and follow up violations (8 percent) are mentioned as the most important reasons for not trusting Instagram shopping.

6. According to the reports received from domestic platforms and their verification and verification, currently more than one million micro businesses are active in ten domestic platforms (mentioned in paragraph 1). After crossing and removing common items, it was found that more than 60% of small businesses are active in domestic platforms.

7. As emphasized in the interview of the head of the National Center for Virtual Space and explained in paragraph 1, internal platforms have the necessary facilities to serve small businesses and the resolution of the Digital Economy Working Group provides suitable facilities for this group of services in opnions have been asked. In addition, internal platforms do not have any of the weaknesses listed in paragraph 5 and can greatly increase the sales rate of small businesses by increasing public trust.

8. At present, 41.8% of the community of social network users (equivalent to 23 million unique users) have joined internal messengers and social networks and have become active users of these platforms. The efforts of these platforms to improve the quality and quantity of services and meet the maximum needs of users will gradually increase the number of active users, increase the attraction of small businesses in domestic platforms, and consequently the growth and development of the ecosystem of virtual businesses in domestic platforms.

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