Some reports from across the country and by users on other social media indicate the beginning Instagram filtering in Iran Is.

The NetBlocks website, which monitors the state of Internet connections around the world, has announced that access to Instagram has been blocked in Iran. Before this, news about Instagram filtering in Iran had been published.

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Instagram filtering in Iran

Many reports in cyberspace, including Twitter, indicate widespread interruption of users’ access to the Instagram social network. Of course, some users still have access to this service, but in general, Iran’s IP does not have access to this service Instagram is filtered in Iran.

Instagram filtering in Iran;  Restrictions started?

All this while you just need to use simple IP change software to open your Instagram without any problems. At the moment, no official has reacted in this regard, but this morning, after his suspicious statements, Issa Zarepour Internet outage announced that there is no plan for Internet restrictions.

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