The wave forced Apple to use USB-C port Following the decision of the European Union to force the use of this port in electronic equipment, it will probably reach India in the future.

According to recent decisions, groups that want Micro-USB They are happy to leave behind. Council of Europe Recently common charger design European Union passed which obliges all commercially available electronic devices to Fall of 2024 Has a USB-C port to be While notebooks and laptops have until spring 2026 to implement these measures, smartphone makers must stick to the 2024 deadline. But this is not the only victory for the supporters of this plan, because India Also through an inter-ministerial task force meeting of government officials, technology-based companies and several trade associations, looking for a common charger program. USB-C port is itself

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Apple uses USB-C port in India

According to a report from Economic Times (via Android Authority site) among the companies that were present in these negotiations, Apple, Samsung, heart, Lenovo And HP They were. In this meeting, the officials of some governing institutions of industry and trade of India were also present.

India with a population of over 1.4 billion people, is one of the largest consumer electronics markets in the world. Apple may have already upgraded its MacBooks and some iPads USB-C but it seems that this action should immediately become standard on iPhones as well.

According to another industry manager, whose statements were mentioned by this publication, Apple With the decision to fully transfer to USB-C It has not “opposed” in India. However, the constructor Iphone It has not yet officially reacted to the development of this port.

USB-C port

Due to continuous attendance Micro-USB In some models of low-cost phones, manufacturers Android smartphones will also be considered in this plan. The same goes for companies that make wireless accessories like headphones and charging docks.

While there is currently no information on when the charging port will become standardized in India, an unnamed industry executive was quoted as saying by the Times that it could happen after the implementation of the EU’s common charger rule in 2024.

As India seems to have reached a common charging port solution through the European scheme, this could open the doors for other countries to join the scheme. According to Apple’s own admission, the future iPhone has a USB-C port will be, although this may mean the end of the port’s life Lightning not be Nevertheless, iPhone owners should finally be able to some of the best USB-C cables select the available; Which is not only better for charging, but also better for data transfer.

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