A well-known whistleblower in the world of technology has claimed that Samsung is working on the new generation of its flagship phones Increasing the screen margin of the Galaxy S23 will do!

The news is short and simple. Galaxy S23 design It will be uglier than S22! Yes, in fact, Samsung plans to increase the screen margin of the Galaxy S23 in a backward step. Of course, not so much that it is noticeable, but it will increase anyway.

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Increasing the screen margin of the Galaxy S23

Samsung is expected to unveil the S23 series phones early in the new year. But now it is clear that this new series may have an important design change compared to the previous generation.

This change, which some have called a step backwards for Samsung, Increasing the width of the screen border which, of course, is unlikely to be seen much.

Increasing the screen margin of Galaxy S23 compared to the previous generation;  Unexpected reversal of Samsung!

Although, in any case, this seems like a strange decision from a brand like Samsung, but it is said that the difference is very small and limited 0.15 Mm It is from both sides.

Of course, this figure is about the Plus version of Samsung’s new generation flagships 0.20 mm arrives. Having said that, the new generation of Samsung phones may not have the visual appeal of the previous generation.

It should also be noted that although the change seems minor, you should see how it looks when you hold the phone or compare it with the previous generation.

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