At the same time with Approval of the bill to restore the rights of civil and military employees and retireesnews Increase in welfare pension in November 1401 was also confirmed. But how much will this amount reach with the increase in the pension of welfare recipients.

According to the government’s decision for Increasing the amount of welfare pension in November 1401 Now the former figures are increased by 30% depending on the number of family members.

The payment of the new living subsidy in the presidential government also started at the beginning of the new year and in two stages Subsidies of 300 and 400 thousand tomani was paid Some of the economic members of the government were trying to convert this cash subsidy into electronic Kalaberg, but last night it was officially announced that the Kalaberg issue is currently out of the question, until the task of Kalaberg is clear, the payment of cash subsidy will continue.

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Increase in welfare pension in November 1401

It was on the 16th of Mehr month that the Deputy of the President’s House of Affairs, in order to improve the standard of living of the people, including government employees and retirees, and the necessity of observing justice in the payment system and improving their livelihood, justice in the distribution of credits, fair payment and increasing the purchasing power of the people, presented the bill. two urgent Proportionate salaries of government employees and national and military retirees He informed the parliament.

Following this issue, yesterday, the members of the Islamic Council approved the details of the bill amending the budget law of 1401 of the whole country and restoring the rights of national and military employees and retirees with 198 votes in favor.

increase of welfare pension in November 1401;  How much is the new subsistence allowance?
Increase in welfare pension in November 1401

In a part of the resolution, it is also mentioned about increasing the pension of welfare and relief committee beneficiaries to the amount of 30%. So that the head of the parliament’s program and budget commission regarding Increasing the salaries of the youth workers of the relief and welfare committee said:

At the beginning of the year, 20% was applied to increase their salaries, and today we included 30%. Based on this, from the beginning of the year, the people covered by the relief committee and the welfare organization are subject to a 50% salary increase.

Before this, the pension amounts of the beneficiaries covered by the welfare and relief committee were 420 thousand tomans per month for a family of one, 600 thousand tomans for a family of two, 840 thousand tomans for a family of four, 1 million 80 thousand tomans and 1 million 320 for a family of five. A thousand tomans was considered.

In this regard, Seyed Morteza Hosseini, Deputy Director of Development of Management and Resources of the National Welfare Organization, told ISNA regarding the time of payment of the arrears of Mehrmah pension of the covered clients: At the same time as the payment of the November pension, the government is also supposed to pay the difference of the Mehrmah pension of the clients of the support institutions. Deposit it to the client’s account.

According to him, with 30% increase in pension of clients In this way, the pension for one-person households is 550,000 tomans, two-person households are 780,000 tomans, three-person households are 1,900,000 tomans, 4-person households are 1,400,000 tomans, and for 5 or more people, it is 1,720,000 tomans.

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