Recently, the CEO of Iran Khodro, while announcing the company’s plans, spoke about the necessity of price correction. But will we see an increase in the price of Iran Khodro products?

Recently, despite the protests over the price and quality of Iranian car manufacturers’ products, two companies, Iran Khodro and Saipa, have repeatedly mentioned the issue of the price of their products and the need to increase it. These two companies claim that they will face losses if the price does not increase. In this regard, the CEO of Iran Khodro has announced that the price of the company’s products must undergo changes.

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Increase in the price of Iran Khodro products

According to Mehdi Khatibi, there is no logical reason for a car manufacturer to realize losses despite the large number of employees and workers and small and large shareholders who work hard to produce the product!

In the continuation of his speech, he said that special attention should be paid to political issues and the risks arising from them, because these matters affect the important decisions of the automobile industry. Mr. Khatibi says:

In order to reach the big and pre-determined goals, we have many plans ahead of us that we have to carry out with seriousness, and therefore, to improve the quality of many projects, they are defined and followed up more than in the past.

Increase in the price of Iran Khodro products;

Among other things that Mehdi Khatibi mentioned in his speech was the importance of efficient logistics management and the development of rail transportation. He believes that the major part of the process of delivering products through production sites across the country should be done consciously and with planning to make it more interesting for customers and reduce costs.

But one of the most important parts of Iran Khodro CEO’s speech was related to the need to increase the price of this company’s products. According to Khatibi, there is no acceptable justification that a car manufacturer with the hard work of all its members; Produce a good product, but eventually lose money. Such a thing has neither an economic justification nor is it logical, as a result, it should be done in every possible way for the profitability and prosperity of the business. Having said that, it seems that we will soon see an increase in the prices of Iran Khodro products.

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