New shock to Instagram influencers; Income tax of Instagram influencers will be calculated and collected from them soon.

Income tax of Instagram influencers In 1400, it is completely taken from these people. Also, the tax of 1401 is calculated together and received at a certain time. Considering that the application of internet restrictions and Social network filtering The foreigner in particular almost disrupted the business of most Instagram activists, it remains to be seen whether this law will be implemented or not.

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Tax is calculated on the income of Instagram influencers

late September Tax Affairs Organization announced that the process of receiving income tax Instagram influencers who have filled the tax return, is in the final stages. However Internet restrictions In recent months, several foreign platforms have been blocked, including Instagram A few days after the announcement, it raised the question of whether monetization from a filtered platform would also be taxed.

Now, the latest news obtained shows that the tax affairs organization does not intend to pass the tax income from this group so simply, because this organization, in response to the follow-ups of “Economic World” about the fate of tax collection from this group, has cleared the water. The hands of the activists of this social network Mehboob Rikht clarified that not only the tax of 1400 will be collected from this group, but their income of 1401 is also supposed to be taxed according to the provisions of Article (1) of the Direct Taxes Law.

Income tax of Instagram influencers
Income tax of Instagram influencers

Saeed Totunchi, the deputy of the country’s tax affairs organization, in response to the question of the reporter of “Economy World” regarding the assignment of income tax collection Instagram influencers And other virtual platforms after their official filtering said: “The process of receiving tax on the income of this group in 1400 will be followed as usual.” He has stated:

According to paragraph (z) of Note 6 of the budget law of the year 1400 of the whole country, the incomes of users with more than 500,000 followers in user-oriented media, according to other influencers, are subject to income tax from advertising. In this regard, the process of collecting taxes from this group of taxpayers for their performance in 1400 this year and according to tax laws and regulations is underway.

In the following, the answer sent to “Dunya Ekhtaz” newspaper states: “Although the mentioned tax ruling is not foreseen in the budget law of 1401; However, if the aforementioned persons earn income, according to the provisions of Article (1) of the Law on Direct Taxes, they are subject to tax, and if their income information is available to the country’s tax affairs organization, the tax due will be demanded and collected in accordance with the approved laws and regulations. »

Income tax of Instagram influencers

Earlier and at the beginning of the mentioned process, this issue was criticized by activists Social Networks confront with. celebrities And Instagram activists, by criticizing the low quality of the country’s communication services and the existence of widespread internet disruptions, they criticized the determination of policymakers to collect taxes from people’s activities on a free platform; Until finally, the Tax Administration in cooperation with Ministry of Ershadtook action to identify the accounts subject to this law and in the first step announced the identification of about a thousand accounts with basic conditions for tax receipt.

In the next step, with more checks and applying more detailed filters, 260 influential user accounts were finally selected and their owners were asked to cooperate with this organization by filling out self-declaration forms. In the announcement of this organization, it was emphasized that if the identified accounts do not fill the declaration, they will be deprived of tax exemptions. According to what Mohammad Masihii, the then deputy of tax revenues of the Tax Affairs Organization, said in an interview with “Rah Dana” information network:

The eligible accounts identified in this step had until the end of June this year to complete and send the self-declaration forms.

It was supposed to start collecting taxes from this group after this date. The latest news about the status of eligible influencers shows that the number of these accounts has increased to 560 and the work of filing and completing the information of this group is also supposed to be followed for tax collection.

Income tax of Instagram influencers
Income tax of Instagram influencers

Plan Tax receipt From influential accounts Virtual platforms or the influencers, in the end of 1399 in the Islamic Council and finally in the end of July 1400 with approval Minister of Economy and Financewas notified to the Tax Affairs Organization.

Although from the very first days of the implementation of this plan, there were different reactions from different groups, but now with the official filtering of Instagram by the security institutions, this approach is likely to be accompanied by more serious criticism and the insistence of the Tax Administration on receiving taxes from commercial activities. The platform of this platform has new edges.

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