Ilan Mask’s son has changed his name for legal reasons. He announced that he no longer wanted to have a relationship with his biological father.

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Xavier Alexander is 18 years old and had previously changed his gender from male to female. She is now requesting a change of name to “Vivian Jenna Wilson”. Mask’s son stated that he never wanted to have any more relations with his wealthy father and family. The documents released on this subject are related to the month of April.

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Last name of Ilan Mask’s child

Ilan Musk tweeted on World Father’s Day that he loves all his children and has not published any news about his son’s last name. No one still knows the reason for her disagreement with her child. Without preamble, when we heard the news of one of Ilan Mask’s children being cut off and his last name being changed, questions arose in our minds.

Last name of Ilan Mask's child

Javier Alexander is the result of Mask’s marriage to Justin Wilson in 2000. The couple separated after 8 years of living together. Before Vivian was born, in 2002, the couple gave birth to a son, Nevada, who sadly lost her 10-month-old son due to SIDS.

After this incident, the couple had twins and triplets. His twin children are named “Javier” and “Griffin”. Of course, it goes without saying that Ilan Mask has other children. Although Ilan Mask is a high-profile figure, his children have never been in the media spotlight and have not been marginalized.

The court documents for the gender reassignment and renaming of Ilan Musk’s son were registered a few months before his public support for the Republican Party instead of the Democrats, and now the documents have been made public. We are now waiting to see what decision Ilan Musk will make and how he will react to this case.

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