Cryptocurrency exchange Kyberswap faced an exploit attack on September 1st. Binance exchange with the help of legal authorities Identifying the perpetrators of the Kyberswap hack are.

Binance’s security team, according to its independent investigation, identified the two suspects as Criminals hack Kyberswap monitored These two suspects are most likely responsible for the virtual theft of $265,000 in Kyberswap assets.

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Identifying the perpetrators of the Kyberswap hack

Binance exchange independently investigated the 265 thousand dollar hacking case KyberSwap decentralized digital currency exchange did According to Baynes research, two suspects were identified.

The Kyber exchange network was hit by a frontend exploit attack on September 1. This attack allowed the attackers to steal $265,000 of user funds. At the same time as Binance’s investigation, the KyberSwap exchange offered a 10% reward to the hacker. If the hacker corrects his situation, he will receive a reward of about 40 thousand dollars.

Identifying the perpetrators of the Kyberswap hack by Binance

In its latest investigation, Binance has identified two people as suspects in the case. According to Binance, these two people are most likely responsible for organizing the Cyberswap hacking operation. Changpent Zhao, CEO of Binance, confirmed that the information from the report has been sent to the Kyber team.

Binance in line Identifying the perpetrators of the Kyberswap hack He has also cooperated with law enforcement. The efforts of both sides to arrest the hackers continue. Binance, the world’s largest exchange by trading volume, has made dedicated efforts to help investors from other ecosystems.

Binance is now playing the role of big brother in the crypto space. The security measures of this exchange go beyond its platform and increase the security of the entire crypto ecosystem. If the Binance investigation is successful, a buyback plan is likely for the KyberSwap investors will arise

Binance’s CEO recently responded to rumors and false claims from critics. Many people believe that the Binance exchange is a criminal platform based in China and is secretly helping the country’s government. In response to these criticisms, CZ said:

The biggest challenge we are currently facing is that we and other exchanges have been identified as a criminal entity in China. Our opponents in the West are doing their best to portray Binance as a Chinese company. Binance has never been legally registered in China, nor has it culturally followed its laws.

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