You are also curious to know how a building acquires unlimited wealth. I was a simple mason, with the suggestion of a friend, I was able to work in the field of bricks and become a rich person, now we want to examine some examples together.

Rustic refractory brick

Rustic refractory brick It is made from refractory clay. All the brick and facade brick manufacturers aim to produce something that is close to nature. The whole beauty of the modern and new facade brick is that the facade of the building has become as if you have attached a piece of the mountain to the facade of the building. I will not forget to tell you; The word “rustic” means “rural” or “rural”. The fact that the brickwork is produced irregularly and uncoordinated is because it is compared to a rock or a mountain. Attach a piece of the mountain to your building by choosing irregular designs of rustic brickwork. Rustic brick is produced in different models and designs, but the best models are simple, cracked, and rough, which are among the most unique models of rustic refractory bricks. This rustic brick is available in four popular colors. .

I was the building that made the bricks of my wealth

Firebrick building

Firebrick building It is a type of brick that is produced from porcelain and refractory clay and has a dense and delicate molecular structure. And the way to produce this type of brick is that first the stones are ground and then it is turned into soft soil and after 3 days of baking in the oven at a temperature above 1500 degrees Celsius, it is made. As its name suggests, this brick with its high thermal resistance is widely used in furnaces and pans and industrial insulation. Of course, its normal type is also used in brick facades of buildings today. Refractory brick is also a type of building material that is usually used for the facade of buildings. According to the new style of building, refractory bricks are used as the facade of the building. The raw materials for making firebricks are fireclay and generally this type of clay is found in the country’s mines because it has high quality. Refractory bricks have different sizes.

I was the building that made the bricks of my wealth

White refractory brick

White refractory brick It is one of the best-selling bricks in the field of refractory bricks, which has been in production since the beginning of 2014. Currently, about 80 percent of the refractory brick market is for white refractory bricks. This brick is coded based on the percentage of its grains and this color code creates a striking beauty in the facade of the building. The white color of this brick makes it easy to combine this type of brick with other bricks, such as the English design or black refractory, and get much more interesting and beautiful designs.

In the past, white Chinese stones were used in the facades of buildings, so this type of brick is a reminder of the past.

I was the building that made the bricks of my wealth


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