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wire squeegee

wire squeegee Dish washers are one of the most polluted appliances, if they are not cleaned and disinfected on time, they are a source of many bacteria and germs, so sponges and sponges must be disinfected and cleaned. Disinfect it with a microwave and .. and we will also tell you how to wash Scotch and dishwashing sponge.

Do you know the most contaminated kitchen utensils? Scotch and dishwashing sponge contain thousands of infected bacteria that we are in contact with daily. Using bleach will help you a lot in removing these bacteria from the scoot. Moisture is the most important factor in contaminating these tools. It is better to expose them to the wind and outside air. Vinegar will also help you in the field of disinfecting Scotch. Many housewives pay attention to the hygiene and cleanliness of all kitchen utensils, except the cloud, wire, Scotch and dishwashing sponge.


Knitted scotch

These devices mean Knitted scotch Because they are constantly in contact with water and dishwashing liquid, most people think that they are among the cleanest kitchen utensils and do not need to be washed and disinfected, unaware of the fact that research shows that dishwashing detergents, sponges and scotch Kitchen utensils are the most contaminated, and salmonella bacteria, which causes food poisoning, especially in dishwashing sponges, whose tiny holes are the place where moisture accumulates and grows, causes the spread and transmission of contamination to containers and food. Studies show that there are about 134,000 bacteria in every four square centimeters of sponge.

Some people leave it in the sink after using the sponge, scotch and cloud, with the idea that every time the faucet is opened, the sponge will get wet and clean, ignoring the fact that the highest growth of microbes in the tissue of the sponge is exactly in It is time to moisten this device. In fact, moisture provides the best conditions for the proliferation of microbes, and instead of the sponge becoming cleaner, it will become more polluted than before.


Scotch lace

After finishing washing the dishes, you should Scotch lace Wash it with warm water and dishwashing liquid and with a lot of pressure, remove the water from its tissue and then place it in a place where the air flows, for example near a window, to dry.

To eliminate possible germs, sterilize the sponge and scotch every so often with disinfectant detergent, mixing 10% bleach with 90% water and letting these items soak in it for a few hours. Then remove it from this solution and rinse well. Research has shown that the majority of microbes are destroyed in this way. You can also put these devices in the sunlight for a few hours to disinfect them.



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