The CEO of Kerman Motor has announced the return of Hyundai to the Iranian market in a new conversation. Of course, the presence of the Korean car manufacturer in Iran depends on conditions.

Hyundai in the years before the imposition of sanctions; It was one of the most popular and successful brands in the Iranian car market, which launched its high-quality products in cooperation with private sector car manufacturers and had a lot of sales.

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Hyundai’s return to the Iranian market

Unfortunately, due to the imposition of international sanctions against Iran, Hyundai, like many other foreign companies, was forced to leave the Iranian market in order to lose Kerman Motor, a strategic partner. But recently, the CEO of Kerman Motor said in a conversation about the possibility of Hyundai returning to Iran.

In this regard, Saman Firouzi even said that the representative of Hyundai came to Iran some time ago due to the news about the lifting of sanctions and the revival of the JCPOA, to negotiate about the presence of this company in Iran again!

Hyundai's return to the Iranian market;  Interesting claim by the CEO of Kerman Motor

On this basis, Firoozi has claimed that immediately after the lifting of sanctions, the contract between Kerman Motor and Hyundai will be finalized and both companies are waiting for the revival of JCPOA.

The CEO of Kerman Motor continued his speech and said that according to the negotiations, the decision was made to cooperate with Hyundai in the form of a joint venture. Based on this, if the sales of this company’s products reach more than 50,000 units, Hyundai will directly invest in Kerman Motor to connect Iran to the international network of this Korean car manufacturer. Of course, as emphasized, the implementation of this understanding depends on the revival of the JCPOA and the lifting of sanctions.

The CEO of Kerman Motor also said that if the sale of Hyundai cars in Iran goes above 50,000, this company can buy 50% of the shares of Kerman Motor, and as a result of this, it can produce cars even in the field of parts supply and at its highest level. be affected by Kerman Motor.

In the end, Firoozi emphasized that in the non-sanction era, Hyundai Korea is known as a main partner of Kerman Motor, and said that it is very difficult to cooperate with Volkswagen, and the German side is not so much because it has its own zero to 100 supply chain. Not willing to cooperate.

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