Human talking to animals It is made possible by using artificial intelligence. Scientists have used artificial intelligence to talk to some animal species.

Human talking to animals It is a dream that is on the way to becoming a reality. Scientists by using Artificial intelligence They were able to communicate with bees, elephants and whales. Scientists to communicate with animals by artificial intelligence robot they used

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Human talking to animals is becoming a reality

Karen Bakker, a researcher at the University of British Columbia (UBC) said in an interview:

A research group in Germany is using artificial intelligence to decipher patterns in non-human sounds, such as the dance of honeybees and the low-frequency sounds of elephants. This helps technology not only to communicate but also to control wild animals.

“This kind of thing,” Baker explained Artificial intelligence could be added to robots that can break down barriers to communication between species, but he noted that this development also raises ethical questions.

Human talking to animals

He added:

Empowering humans to speak to different species can create a deeper sense of kinship or mastery and the ability to tame wild species that we as humans have never been able to control.

Human talking to animals It is a dream that may become reality. Humans have been looking for ability for a long time Talking to animals have been and made several movies based on this idea; like the movieDr. Doolittle(Doctor Dolittle) in 1967. But this idea is no longer just a movie plot, and scientists have discovered successful ways to make animals speak.

In 2018, researchers at the “Dahlem Center for Machine Learning and Robotics” (DCMLR) in Germany designed a robot called “RoboBee” that can perform the dance of bees that data transfer It is used, it imitates. This robot, which has no resemblance to real bees, is designed in the form of a winged insect and is connected to a rod that controls its movements.

This research group to robot They were trained to imitate the same dance moves that are made up of different vibrations. This tricked the bees into listening. The experiment showed that some bees followed the robbing instructions; including in which part of the hive to move or stop completely.

Baker, who recently published a book titled “Sounds of Life: How Digital technologies us to The world of animals and plants (The Sounds of Life: How Digital Technologies Are Bringing Us Closer to the Worlds of Animals and Plants) has published, said: “The next step of the German group’s research is to plant several robots in different hives to see if the hive “Does it accept machines as one of its members or not?”

He added:

In this case, we will have unprecedented control over the hive. We will tame the hive in a way that has never been done before.

Human talking to animals

Baker about ethical problems He also spoke about this ability and noted that: “Such technologies can Human abuse of animals lead.”

Despite this, Baker hopes that Dream of talking between humans and animals to be realized so that ordinary people can harmonize with the sounds of nature.

elephants They are known for their powerful roars, but these large creatures also make sounds with Low frequency They also publish that they are not noticed by the human ear.

Baker on Katie Payne’s work Zoologist and researcher The field of biophonics spoke of Artificial intelligence used to receive infrasound sounds.

In addition to the Honey bees and whalesan international group of scholars recently launched an ambitious project to listen, analyze content, and translate communication Amber whales They have launched with the aim of talking to them. This project, called “Project CETI”, uses artificial intelligence to interpret the sounds that sperm whales produce to communicate with each other.

This research group, which launched the SETI project in October 2021, uses natural language processing, which is a subfield of artificial intelligence and focuses on processing human written and spoken language.

The plan is for AI to associate each sound with a specific concept. According to researchers, this work at least five years it takes time. If researchers achieve these goals, their next step is to invent and develop a Interactive conversational bot is talking to amber whales.

Human talking to animals

Baker noted that:

Humans have interacted with animals, especially primates, in the past but have done so from a very anthropocentric perspective. Among these things, we can mention the teaching of sign language to animals.

In contrast, the use of Artificial intelligenceIt is a way for humans to talk to animals. And the animal’s own language can be used to communicate. this Technology, signals Analyzes unique associated behaviors and patterns to create language.

“What these researchers are doing is not trying to teach those species human language, but they’re collecting lexicons of signals and then trying to figure out what the signals mean in those species,” Baker said.

as we see Artificial intelligence, has once again been used to break down barriers and open new doors. Talking about artificial intelligence has been very hot in recent years. Despite the warning of many Scientists And prominent people stating the danger of artificial intelligence for the survival of humanity, scientists are more and more willing to take help from this Technology they find

Earlier this year, news about LaMDA, the last Google artificial intelligence And the claim of the former Google engineer that it became self-aware was published. The news that turned the nightmare of Terminator movies and Portal game into reality!

Artificial intelligence is widely used in Science is used For example, astronomers explore the universe using artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence systems help scientists to discover phenomena that may remain hidden from human sight.

It is interesting that Professor Uy Loeb claimed in connection with ESP that Artificial intelligence Developed by humans, it could one day recognize and communicate with alien artificial intelligence.

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