Huawei has really faced important problems due to the sanctions of the American government, so that the latest news indicates the possibility of Huawei P60 with an old chip.

Currently, Huawei’s newest and latest flagship in the smartphone market is the Huawei P50 Pro, which has high-end camera and other issues despite not supporting FayGi. Of course, Huawei is expected to unveil the P50 series by the end of this year. However, rumors of Huawei P60 have been published.

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The possibility of the release of Huawei P60 with a 14 nm chip

According to new rumors, there is a possibility that the Huawei P60 will come with a 14nm Kirin 9100 processor, which can naturally be disappointing for Huawei lovers. Of course, the person who raised this rumor claimed that this 14nm technology is accompanied by 14nm 3D packaging technology, which made it perform similar to 5nm chipsets.

Of course, Huawei has not shared any information about the P60 at the moment, but another user of the Weibo social network has entered this issue and refutes the above opinion. He says:

The Kirin 9100 will use 14nm 3D packaging technology and will be introduced with the Huawei P60. Don’t look at the fact that this chip is 14nm, its performance is similar to a 5nm processor.. Is such a thing possible? Using 14nm processing technology as 5nm?

Huawei P60 comes with a much weaker chip than expected!

Currently, Huawei cannot order a new chip due to US sanctions, but on the other hand, even an advanced 14nm chip can hardly be seen in the range and size of a 5nm chip. Of course, we can wait to see what exactly Huawei has done with this chip.

Among other news related to Huawei, it should be said that the Mate 50 series will probably be released by the end of August this year and will offer special features, especially in the camera department. These phones will almost certainly come with Harmony 3 and there is no news of Android as before.

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