A government spokesman said the subsidies would be paid in cash before the proper infrastructure for Kalabarg could be built. Accordingly, the July subsidy will be paid in cash.

Explaining the electronic goods card, it should be said that citizens will not receive a coupon or a separate card to buy basic goods; Rather, commodities are, in fact, the same amount of subsidies that the government pays to citizens to buy basic goods.

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The amount of these subsidies, of course, can be withdrawn and spent only through special cookers (card readers) that will be installed to purchase essential items. It should be noted that the government has not yet provided the necessary infrastructure to implement the Kalabarg project.

Payment of July subsidy in cash instead of Kalaberg

Ali Bahadori Jahromi, a government spokesman, said in a statement on how to pay the July subsidy:

Cash payments continue until the preparation of the Calabrig infrastructure.

Payment of July subsidy in cash instead of Kalaberg

A government spokesman also said: “There are no plans to change the price of bread and gasoline on the government’s agenda.” “The legislature has envisioned a Calabrian method of paying subsidies to the people,” he added. Bahadori also added:

The government is trying to provide the necessary infrastructure for the allocation of electronic goods in such a way that subsidies are provided to them through the banks, ie through ATMs, without increasing payment from the pockets of the people, but naturally the current cash payment method will continue until the necessary infrastructure is provided. Had.

A government spokesman stressed: “Bread card readers will be distributed in the provinces according to the previous schedule. “There are no plans to change the price of bread and gasoline on the government’s agenda.”

“Only infrastructure for bread is being developed in the country, and with the full establishment of this infrastructure, there will be no change in the payment from the pockets of the people for bread,” said the secretary of the cabinet.

Payment of July subsidy in cash instead of Kalaberg

Of course, in Zanjan province, the use of card readers installed in bakeries to pay for bread subsidies had already started. It seems that due to the unprepared infrastructure for launching the electronic inventory, the payment of subsidies for July will continue in cash.

Goods that include worksheets

The list of basic goods that the recipients of the worksheet can buy with the money received has not been announced yet, but after the approval of the worksheet by the Ministry of Labor, Cooperation and Social Welfare, the list will be announced, but so far we know that the goods are still in currency. 4200 Tomans will be offered in this project.

Chicken and egg production inputs, red meat including corn, barley, soybean meal, crude oil and oilseeds, now receive government currency.

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