How to Zip and Unzip Files on Android (RAR, 7zip)?

Create and compress RAR, 7zip files on Android

The easiest way to send multiple files all at once is to zip them and then send them over, so basically, it Zipping file can fulfill the demands of sending many large files. It doesn’t matter if you on PC or Android, you can compress and decompress large files in an instant. You have to install the correct application on smartphone or PC. So, in this article you will learn How to Zip and Unzip Files on Android (RAR, 7zip)?

If you are a regular windows user then you basically know the WinRAR and 7-zip application. RAR is the mobile version created by the team of the WinRAR and ZArchiver is created by the team of the 7-zip for Android. Both RAR and ZArchiver are developed to help people zip, unzip, the RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, XZ, 7z, ISO and ARJ formats.

How to Create a RAR or Zip File on Android?

Step 1. The first step is to download and then install the RAR App from Play Store.

After downloading the RAR application from the play store, the moment you open the RAR app, the application will ask you to allow access to photos, media, and files or your device. You have to tap on allow and then you will see all the files on your Android within the application.

The RAR application will also ask you to support the RAR development, if you want to support it subscribe to it by paying a small amount of money. If you don’t want it, tap on dismiss.

Step 2. The moment the application is opened, you will see all of your Android files even those which are hidden and you cannot see. If you want to create a zip file and then send it to someone, just select all the files you want them to combine within the RAR file, then tap on the plus icon within the menus of the application.

Step 3. This step is about renaming the file, you can also provide a password for the RAR file that you are creating and finally, you can choose the extension among the RAR, zip, and RAR 4.X. And once you are done, if everything is OK to tap on OK and wait for the process to compress the files within the application.

By the way, you can also choose the destination of the RAR file where to save it within step 3.

Learn About Advanced Settings of the RAR App

Just like the WinRAR application on windows, The RAR app has also different kinds of settings which are devices into 4 categories of General, Advanced Settings, options, and comment.

In the General Category, you can do the following things.

  1. Choose a format for the file wihch are RAR, ZIP and RAR 4.x.
  2. Name the archive.
  3. Choose a Destination to save the file.
  4. You can add more files during creating a zip file.
  5. Delete files from zip file.
  6. Create solid Archive.
  7. And Finally Set a Password.

To access the Advanced Settings of the RAR App during creating a RAR file, slide to the right and you will see can do the following things within the advanced settings of the RAR.

  1. Set the Compression.
  2. Configure Dictionary size.
  3. Set a recovery record if you want.
  4. If you want to devide the RAR file in several muliple files, set the size their.
  5. You can enable the setting of Pause after each volume.
  6. Also set a recovery volumes if you want.

These are advanced settings and I recommend you to read the following post of WinRAR so, you understand it well.

There is also the options tab, and you can do the following things in it.

  1. Test Archieve files.
  2. Create Seperate archiveve.
  3. Use BLAKE2 file checksum.
  4. Show archiving time.
  5. Archive name mask.

And finally, you can leave a comment on to RAR file that you are creating.

  1. You can type it their.
  2. Or Upload it from txt file that you created before.

Create a 7Z File on Android

Unfortunately, inside Android, you can not use the RAR application to create the 7Z (7-Zip) file. Just like 7-zip and WinRAR on Windows. So, to create a 7Z file on Android, you have to download the ZArchiver from the play store.

According to my taste of this Zarchiver, it is better compared to the RAR Application on Android. You select files one by one or simply select a folder to compress. The reason why I am saying that the ZArchiver is better than the RAR is that the Archiver format supports it. Alongside the 7Z format, it has also RAR support too.

To use the ZArchiver, simply hold the file or folder for a moment, then the option will appear.

  1. You can compress to zip.
  2. Compress to 7a (7zip).
  3. Compress to other archiever format like tar, zip, tar.gz, tar.gz and more.
  4. Cut, copy, paste, detelte and other basic settings are available.

If you are wondering about the advanced settings just the like RAR Application, you can access them by choosing compress which is the third option. You can apply the following settings there.

  1. Name the archieve.
  2. choose the archieve format.
  3. Choose the compression level.
  4. Choose the encryption type.
  5. Enter a Password if you want.
  6. Split files into volumes in you want. You can insert the amount in MB or GB.
  7. Delete source file after compression.
  8. Create seperate archiver.

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