Dear IPS users, since Apple has sanctioned Iran, it may sometimes recognize your iPhone and cause you to have challenges. In order to avoid these troubles, which are all due to sanctions, it is necessary to immediately update the iOS kit and the programs you have so that no more problems arise. You may ask yourself how to update the iOS kit and the software?! To answer this question, stay with us until the end of this article so that we can teach you how to update step by step.

Steps to update Ips kit and programs

At first, to update the applications, you need to update the iOS kit and then start updating your programs and games. Be sure not to delete the programs, because by doing this, all the information you have in those programs will be lost. Of course, in general, we suggest you to always back up your data.

!! To update the iOS kit, hit it link !!

iOS update steps:

  1. Enter the iOS Store
  2. In the search section, click on iOS Kit
  3. Then touch “Receive”.
  4. Tap the cloud icon
  5. Select Install
  6. Now wait for iOS to update

Of course, you can download the Ips kit Here Update too.

Kit Ips update 1

!! To update the iOS kit, hit it link !!

Kit Ips 2 update

After doing this, you should update the programs and games that you had installed in the same way, without deleting them. To update the app, just click on the “Get” option of the desired app and then touch the cloud-like icon and click Install. With this ease, you updated your iOS kit and applications in general.

!! To update the iOS kit, hit it link !!

What will happen if we don’t update?

If you don’t update your apps today, all your apps will automatically be disabled and you will have to install your iOS kit and apps again. And after this incident, all the information you have in your programs will definitely be deleted and it will definitely make you very nervous. So, in fact, if you don’t update, your programs will stop working and you will encounter the No longer available error, so it’s better to update your iOS with the simple method we told you before you get surprised and lose your data.

Of course, if you have downloaded the iOS 15.4 update, you will not see this error when opening the programs, and the programs will crash without any warning. So if you see such a case, it is only because of the update of your operating system. So don’t worry and proceed with the update process.

!! To update the iOS kit, hit it link !!

What happened to be like this?

We sincerely apologize for this incident and we would like you to know that we are not involved in this issue and it is all because of Apple’s sanctions, which often involves Iranians. That’s why we found this solution so that you don’t have any other problems with a simple update and don’t lose your data. Remember that we are always with you and we will not leave you alone.

If you have any questions about how to update, you can leave a comment below this article or contact our support experts.

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