With training How to hide the application in Android You can simply level Privacy protection Upgrade your phone and hide your sensitive information.

Android phones They have very significant facilities. Features that are intended for user use by default. In this article How to hide the application in Android For those who are looking for a quick and easy way to protect privacy and of course keep data without deleting it in an emergency.

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How to hide the application in Android

Android phones provided a possibility for its users to be able to Hide private apps And it is important to prevent other people from accessing them. Also, with this feature, you can define a password so that you can remove the programs from the hidden mode whenever you want. In the following you with How to hide the application in Android We will introduce

To Hide applications in Android phones Do the following steps in order:

  • Enter the section Android phone settings become yourself
  • Scroll down and enter tab Privacy become
  • in fever Privacy Protection option Hide apps Choose.
  • In this password section Privacy Insert yourself and on the next page, among the programs that are displayed, the program that you want to hide
  • Select the one you have.
  • To hide the desired program, activate the tick next to it.
  • Now you need to define a password for hidden apps. It should be noted that you must put # at the beginning and end of the password. With the help of this password, you can restore the hidden programs.
  • After doing the above process, the programs you want will be hidden.

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