How to create a blog website without WordPress (Without Coding)

Create a Website for Free without coding

Do you want to create a blog website without WordPress, or do you want to create a website for your portfolio? if yes, then you are in the right place because in this article I’m going to guide you on how to create a blog website without WordPress and Wix, and also without earning.

Over the many years, Google has developed many amazing services and opportunities, as long as you have a Gmail account, you can use it. If you do not have a job, create a YouTube channel and start earning, if you have a business then go ahead and advertise it on Google to promote it. Don’t forget the Google search, more than 67% of the web is using Google search for their daily lives. Google sites, keep, calendar, Adsense, YouTube, form, and many more or only just examples of the services that Google has created.

How to design your blogger website, how to start earning, should you pay for the blogger to start earning? Just continue reading this post to the end, you will find everything.

Step 1. Create Free Website with Gmail Account on Blogger

The first step is to sign up for and then you can go further to naming the website, configuring the domain, and more. If you have a Gmail account then there is no need for you to sign up for blogger, if you do not have a Gmail account then make sure to create one.

Open, click on create your blog. The moment you click on to create your blog, you have to sign in with your Gmail account.

The next steps are simple just follow the below steps.

  1. Provide a Title your website.
  2. It is time to choose a URL for your website. You can also use a custom domain if you purchase it however if you to not want to purchase a domain you can just go with the free edition of the blogspot domain.
  3. Type the Title of Your website to confirm it for showing on Your Site and click finish.
Name Your Blog

Step 2. Design your Website

Designing your website is the most important section for attracting visitors. First thing first if you want to click create a blogging website then you have to download the polar theme. If you want to create your website for portfolio, photography, educational and other purposes, then I will recommend the following themes.

  1. Education: LMS Education theme
  2. Photography: Camera Theme
  3. Fashion: Camille Theme
  4. Porfolio: Infinity Portfolio theme
  5. News: Kaplan theme
  6. Magzine: FutureMag theme
  7. eCommerence: SoraShop theme
  8. Food Blog: Plate theme

I am not saying that you must use the themes that I just recommended to you, instead, you can use the free templates of blogger.

1. Change the Template of your Website on Blogger

I am creating this website for blogging so, as I said before I’m going to upload the polar theme. Depending on your need you have to choose one of them and then follow the below steps to upload the template into the Blogger.

Choose the theme from the menu on the left, then beside customize you will see an option, click on it and choose to restore.

Change Blogger Template

Locate the place where you have extracted the downloaded theme, then choose the file with the extension of XML and upload it. Once you uploaded the XML file, wait for it to be installed on the Blogger.

Upload Polar theme

2. Add a Logo to your Website

A logo is a symbol that represents the company, so you have o create a Logo. You can hire someone from freelancing websites or you can just simply create a logo with a font without hiring someone. The logo that you can see I have created inside Microsoft paint, just remember that the font Anton. You can do the same, it is better than nothing.

Click Layout on the left menu, under the header logo, click the edit button.

Edit Header Logo

I have created the logo inside Microsoft paint, so I’m going to upload it from the computer if you have available it inside the web then you can attach it from the web.

upload Logo

3. How to Create Posts, Catogery, and Add Feature image?

A blog site cannot be a site without the posts, so you have to create some posts inside it. To create a post click a new post, provide a title, and then type the whole content inside it. If you have used Microsoft Word then you know that using the writing interface of the Blogger is not hard. All you have to do is just play around with the menu and you will know everything soon enough.

How to Create Category in Blogger?

But still, you have to know that inside Blogger you have to add a label, the label is just like a category inside the other websites. Suppose if I am typing and this post is about Google, I am going to create a category specifically for Google. Inside the Blogger, you have to mention a label.

Create a category inside Blogger

How to add a Feature Image inside Blogger?

Also, a feature is required. A feature image is like a thumbnail inside YouTube, creators are creating the thumbnail or feature image to attract the users just by reading or looking at the thumbnail or feature image. To add a featured image inside the Blogger, click on the insert image icon, then upload a featured image from your computer or you can attach it using the URL from the web. And make sure the cursor must be at the beginning of the post for that feature image, otherwise, inside the post as a featured image, it won’t work.

Add a Featured Image

The moment you created your post, created a label, and then attached a featured image then you are good to go publish your post.

How to Add a Featured Post to the Homepage?

Since we are designing the website, a feature post inside the home page will look awesome. So, to add a Featured Post, go to the layout and choose featured post. Add a post or choose a recent post for the Featured Post.

Add a Featured Post in Homepage

Step 3. How to Create Menu in Blogger website?

To create menus in your blogging website on blogger, go to layout and click on the links under the main menu.

Edit Main Menu in Blogger

The moment you click on “edit list” under the main menu, a new dialog box will open. This window is known as configure list link. If you scroll down to the end you will see that the menus that are already available. If you want to create your menus, you have to delete all of them one by one.

To create a new menu, click create add a new item.

Provide a name for the category, and then paste the label link that you just created. If you cannot find the label link, look on the homepage.

Create Menu in Blogger

If your site is a general blog, you better have to add multiple categories to it. Now to add another category, in the end, click the new item and then provide the name with the URL. In the below screenshot, you can see that I have added four categories specifically for these blogging websites.


Step 4. How to Configure Social Media Links?

The Polar theme has already the social media icons available inside the theme however the social media links specifically to your social pages are not connected. Now you have to connect those social links to your pages. To connect them, again you’ll have to go to the Layout menu and then Scroll down and choose social media.


Once you have access to the social media settings, you have to edit and then provide your links there. For instance, I have added these four social media links for this website.


Step 5. How to Create Pages for Privacy Policy, Contact us and About us?

Since you are trying to create a website for earning, specifically for Google AdSense the privacy policy, contact us, and about us pages are required. Privacy policy and about us is not very hard to create, just make sure to mention the policies that you are intended to apply on your website. However, if you are not familiar with you can just simply copy a privacy policy from another site and then edit them and apply it to your website. The same goes for the about us page. However contact us is another matter, because we need to create a form, and when someone is entering his name, last name, email address, and then the message, you must receive it.

To Create a Page, Click on the left menu and choose Pages, click new. Title its Privacy policy, and add your Policy to it.

Create a new Page

How to Create Contact Us Page in Blogger?

Well, creating a contact us page inside blogger is not simple, it is a bit tricky but I am going to guide you with the step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Go to Layout Menu, and under the Sidebar Right widgets, you will see an option of Add Gadgets, click on it.

Add a Gadget.jpg

Step 2. Once the gadget window is opened, you’ll have to scroll down and find out the contact form, click on it.

Contact Form

Step 3. For Settings of the Contact Form, just make sure you uncheck the box known as “Show this widget”.

Configure Contact Form

Step 4. Go to Pages, and create a New Page by the name of Contact us. But you have to switch from composing view to HTML. To switch from compose view to HTML, under the page title you will this icon <>, click on it, and choose HTML.

Enable HTML view

Step 5. Now, clear everything on the page and then paste the following HTML codes there. Also, we need to replace the blog ID with the blog ID mentioned inside the HTML code. In the screenshot below you can see in the URL, I have highlighted the blog ID, copy it.

Creating Contact us page

Step 6. The Blog ID that you just copied from the URL, you have to replace with the HTML code inside the contact us page. You can find the Blog ID in line 33. Once you replaced the Blog ID, Publish your page.

Change the Blog ID

Step 6. Create Footer Menu

I think not right now everything is ready except the footer menu, we have to attach the pages that we just created and then add them to the footer menu. To create a footer menu, go to the layout category is Scroll down to the end and click on the footer menu.

Edit Footer Menu- create an earning website

Now just add your created pages links then save them and you are good to go.

Create Footer Menu- create an earning website

Step 7. Start Earning on your website at Blogger

There are many methods that you can use to start earning on your website at Blogger, however, the most and easiest method is Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. Basically in this article, I am not going to guide you on how to create a Google AdSense account or an Affiliate account. Instead, I’m only saying that you can use either of these options.

On the left menu click on the earning and then go on and create a Google AdSense account and start earning. Now if you are using affiliate marketing then basically you have to take the code of the product and then bring it inside your website, click on the gadgets and choose HTML/Javascript and paste the code.

Configuring Some General Settings

It is obviously clear that till now you know How to create an earning website with google for free, but there are some general settings that you have to configure.

  1. Provide a Description or tag line for your website.
  2. Add a Favicon.
  3. Buy a custom domain, if you want to replace the blogspot extension.
  4. Connect to Google Analytics.
  5. Configure Google Search Console too.

These settings are all available in the settings of your website, just visit them and start configuring.

Ending Point:

Whether if you are doing a job or if you’re a student going to college, you must create a passive income source. The best passive income sources are to create a website or start a YouTube channel. You can use a blogger to start a website for passive income just follow 7 Steps to Create an Earning Website With Google For Free.

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