If you are also an Apple user and you are facing a problem on how to change iPhone font, don’t worry. Tekrato has provided further training on changing the font of the iPhone.

Today, many people around the world use iPhone phones. The products of this company are very popular and their fans are increasing day by day. In the meantime, one of the problems that iPhone users may face is the possibility of personalization.

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We all like to customize different parts of our phone to have a unique user experience. But the iPhone has not provided users with good features in the field of personalizing different parts of the phone.

One of these things is the ability to change the font of the iPhone. Users may want to change the font of their phone, but it is not easy to change the font of iPhone phones and the methods that are intended for this purpose should be used. We will provide you with solutions below.

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How to change iPhone font

Apple supports various fonts in some iOS applications, but the process of finding suitable fonts and identifying which applications support them is not so easy. Of course How to change font in iOS it is easy.

There are many applications for changing fonts that are supported on iPhone and iPad, and we in the article How to change the Farsi font of the iPhone We introduce these programs to you. be with us.

Adobe Creative Cloud application

Search and download the Adobe Creative Cloud app for iOS / iPadOS. You need to create an account, but you can also use free and subscription-free fonts to change fonts on iPhone.

  • Tap the font icon in the bottom bar.
  • On Install Fonts, select the one you like and then tap Install again.
  • You can see the new fonts you have installed by going to Settings > General > Fonts.
How to change font in iOS

Now open a compatible application with custom fonts like Pages, Keynote or Mail and type the new text or select the text, go to the editor, look for your favorite and new fonts.

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Font Diner application

In the following, we will review how to change the iPhone font using the Font Diner program, which is one of the first free programs to change the font on the iPhone. This app officially works with various custom system fonts on iOS. This program will help you to change the font on iPhone.

After downloading the app, open it and tap on activation on the top right corner (gray activate button). Tap on Agree and then Install.

You can see all installed custom fonts by going to Settings > General > Fonts. Now open an application compatible with custom fonts, such as Pages, Keynote, or Mail.

Type new text and go to the editor section and use your favorite and newly installed fonts.

BytaFont 2 program

To change the font, you can use the BytaFont 2 program from Cydia and then change its fonts to your taste. To change the font and use this program, first install the BytaFont 2 program from Cydia. After installing the program, you need to install your favorite fonts. for this job:

1. Run Cydia and go to the bottom of the page and find the option (Fonts (BytaFont 2) and enter it.

2. Find the font you want and then select it and then install it. Some Persian and Arabic fonts:

Al Hor Font, Aljazeera Font, Alladden Font, Ferdaos Font, Bkoodak Font, Hayah Font, Yekan Font

3. Now it’s time to change the font through the BytaFont 2 program. Run it from the screen and go to the More section and select the Arabic option, at this stage you will see the names of the fonts you have installed, select the desired font name and then go to the Basic section.

4. Select the font you installed and then click Yes to respring the device. At the end, you will see that the font of your iPhone will change.

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iFont app

iPhone is one of the complete, powerful and comprehensive software in the field of changing fonts. Using it, you can easily manage the fonts on your phone. In the Free version of this program, more than 200 free fonts are available.

If these fonts do not satisfy you, you can access the treasure of hundreds of thousands of fonts with an in-app payment.

It is possible to check the most popular downloaded fonts from the Featured Fonts section. Also, if you tap on Install each, the font will be easily installed on the phone regardless of the version of your operating system. You can easily install this program through Apple’s App Store. There is no problem to run it with Iranian IP.

Fonteer application

Fonteer application provides the possibility to install OTF and TTF fonts. You just need to send the font file to your email address and then install them on your phone using this program.

The program first allows you to use 3 fonts for free, and then you have to pay to use the program. The fonts you install in this program can be used in applications such as Keynote, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Autodesk.

Manage fonts on iPhone

After the iPhone font download is finished, you can manage the fonts installed on the phone by going to Settings > General > Fonts.

In this section, by selecting any of the fonts and then selecting the Typeface option at the bottom of the page, you can see a written example of it.

In addition, in this section, it is possible to delete fonts. If you don’t need any of the fonts, you can touch the Edit option at the top of the screen and then select the fonts you want to remove. Finally, just click on the Remove option at the bottom of the page to remove the fonts.

How to change iPhone font

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How to use downloaded fonts?

The main purpose of downloading iPhone fonts is to use fonts in the programs you are dealing with, but how to change the iPhone font in these programs is not that simple because after 2 years of this feature, many programs are still unable to change. iPhone fonts are not supported.

However, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote support custom fonts. For example, to change the iPhone font in the Pages program, first touch the drawing pen icon and then click on the name of the current font from the bottom of the screen, which is Futura in the example below.

How to change iPhone font

In the next window, you can see all the default fonts and the fonts you have installed. By selecting the font, the words you type will also be displayed in the same font.

How to change iPhone font

Likewise, you can change the iPhone font when working with a spreadsheet in the Numbers application. First, select the desired cells and then touch the pencil icon at the top of the screen.

How to change iPhone font

Next, click on the name of the current font and then you can see the fonts that you have installed on the phone.

How to change font size on iPhone

Fortunately, it is possible to increase the font size on the iPhone. You can change the fonts according to your taste and according to your vision ability. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Enter the Accessibility section from the Settings section.
  • Select the Large Text option.
  • Choose one of the available sizes.

How to bold iPhone font

To be able to bold or highlight the font of your iPhone, it is enough to enter the settings menu again. Then select Display & Brightness and activate the Bold Text mode.

If you need to zoom on the screen, you can select the View option from the same menu and the lower part of Bold Text, and then change the display mode of the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to change the font on iPhone phones?

To change the iPhone font, you can use the solutions mentioned in this article. Changing the font on iPhone phones is easily possible through these methods, and you can change the font on your phone.

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