Implementing a roof garden on the roof of urban buildings has many advantages and the popularity of these structures increases every year. Converting the roof to a roof garden In recent years, it was considered a luxury design and additional option; But with the expansion of urbanization and the reduction of green space, it will soon become an important necessity.

The implementation of a green roof can provide a suitable space for rest and family gatherings; But we should not neglect the environmental advantages of implementing a roof garden. With a roof garden, the air quality of the environment increases, and if these structures are expanded in urban buildings, we will witness the improvement of air quality in a wider dimension, prevent building erosion and reduce air pollution. Even with a roof garden, the financial value of the building can be increased. If you are interested in designing a roof garden and creating a green space on the roof, we will guide you in this article zero to hundred Converting the roof to a roof garden We introduce

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Converting the roof to a roof garden

If you want to get rid of the monotonous and soulless environment of the apartment and turn the roof into a functional space, we suggest the implementation of a roof garden. To Getting to know more about the performance of Roof Garden On the roof, we recommend that you read this article to the end.

To design a roof garden, it is enough to use items such as flowers and plants, furniture, gazebos, fireplaces, swimming pools and many other decorative items and turn the unused rooftop environment into a small paradise. No matter the height and size of your building, the roof garden can be implemented in any environment. You can turn the roof of a two-story house or the tenth floor of a building into a small garden that will keep you and your family members in good spirits. But in the following, we will talk about zero to one hundred conversion of the roof to the roof garden.

The important steps of turning the roof into a roof garden

The first steps to turn the roof into a roof garden are checking the building’s weight tolerance, designing the roof garden, choosing the appropriate flowers and plants for your place of residence in terms of weather conditions, choosing the right material for the size of the roof garden, etc. Since it is expensive and difficult to go back to the back stage in the implementation of the roof garden, maybe it is better to think about everything in the very first stage, that is, before starting, and choose the material and design of your roof garden very carefully and carefully.

Check weight bearing

If you think that roofs are very strong in terms of bearing weight and you can put anything there, we must say that this is not correct. Each roof has a certain weight tolerance according to the structure and material used in it. Before designing the green space on the roof, you should know about this with specialized methods and make sure that the total weight of the material you choose will not damage the roof of the house. At this stage, you need the expertise and skills of green roof implementation experts, and it is better to get help from professional teams. In case of using large trees with heavy weight, implementing a roof garden pool, etc., you will need high weight tolerance.

If you do not perform this step correctly, during the implementation, you will face irreparable problems that will even endanger your life. But if you think Roof garden design with light material and you are sure that the weight of the chosen material will not damage your roof, it is not necessary to do this step.

Attention to privacy

Attention to privacy is essential in all work. The roof is a high space where there is a possibility of neighbors seeing. It is better to consider the issue of privacy before designing the green space on the roof. For example, if the visibility of your roof is high and you are not satisfied with this, you can cover your roof with high walls. The height of your building may be high and the privacy of lower buildings may be compromised, in this case it is better to build the walls of the roof garden high.


One of the most important steps you need to take to turn your roof into a roof garden is the insulation step. To perform this step, Izogam and Qirguni are usually used.

It increases the resistance of the roof against moisture by isogam or shingling the roof. The challenge you will face by doing this is that by applying this type of insulation, your roof will not resist root penetration; Therefore, to turn the roof into a roof garden, you need to do a special insulation.

This type of insulation must be waterproof and anti-root so as not to be damaged. For more information on this matter, consult with experts and experienced people.

Selection of flowers and plants

Is it possible to implement a green roof without flowers and plants?! Of course not. We can say that one of the main components and materials used for the beauty and greenery of the rooftop environment is flowers and plants. The choice of flowers and plants depends on the weather where you live. Every plant has the ability to grow in a certain environment and if it is planted in an inappropriate place, it will be damaged.

In choosing flowers and plants, you can get the necessary guidance from the store in this area. The more appropriate your choice of flowers and plants, the longer years you can maintain your roof garden.

Some flowers and plants are ornamental and are only used for beauty and increasing oxygen in your living area, but others are completely functional. For example, planting home vegetables will increase the beauty of the roof and you can use organic plants for cooking and daily consumption. The choice of each depends on your needs, which you should consider in the design of the green space on the roof.

Create a prototype

Before designing the green space on the roof, it is better to implement a preliminary plan and implement your ideas on it. By implementing this plan, you will have a template for choosing the roof garden material. To carry out this step, you can get professional help from skilled designers or even draw schematically on paper yourself.

Select focal point

Usually, in decoration design, one point is chosen as the focal point. For example, in many homes, television is considered as a focal point. In the roof garden, choosing a focal point is not without grace. You can choose any device as the focal point. You may be wondering what is the positive effect of choosing a focal point in the roof garden? In answer to this question, we must say that with this work you can give direction to your design. For example, it is possible to use a fountain, a big tree, a statue, etc. as a focal point.

Design and implementation of green roof

Up to this part of the article, we have explained the initial stages of green roof implementation. There are different types of roof garden and how to implement it depends on your budget and taste. But in general, it can be said that to implement any type of roof garden, you need accurate calculations in order to prevent damage to the structure and main body of the building. Even if you want to put a few simple pots on the roof of the house, you need to consider drainage and additional water path. Spinger’s team of experts can help you in this field. Collection Spinger With years of experience in the field of roof garden and green wall implementation, we are with you from the initial stages of design to the final implementation. You can benefit from the consulting and executive services of this team by calling the following phone numbers.

  • Contact phone: 021-86091394
  • Mobile phone: 0912-0956541


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