According to Alireza Ahmadi, Head of Transportation and Fuel Management Headquarters of Road Organization Depreciation age of cars in Iran It is determined in accordance with the bylaws for the removal of used cars and the Clean Air Act.

Alireza Ahmadi by stating that The share of used car owners from the sales of domestic car manufacturers is 20%, explained the wear and tear age of cars in Iran.

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How old is the wear and tear of cars in Iran?

The age of wear and tear of cars in Iran according to the bylaws for removing worn out cars and the clean air law is as follows:

How old is the wear and tear of cars in Iran?

  • Gasoline and dual fuel public cars for 8 years
  • 10 years gas based public cars
  • Public electric cars for 14 years
  • 14-year-old gas-powered base van
  • 13-year-old dual-burner gasoline and diesel
  • 8 years old diesel intercity bus
  • 10-year gas-powered basic bus
  • Electric intercity bus (renovated) for 20 years
  • Urban and suburban minibus and middlebus diesel 8 years old, gas base 10 years old and electric rebuilt 20 years old
  • Intercity bus for 10 years
  • Tractor, truck and truck for 16 years
  • Carburetor petrol motorcycle for 5 years
  • Injector for 6 years and electric motorcycle for 12 years
  • Government rides for 13 years

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