Although the situation in the car market seems to be more in favor of car companies, the loss statistics of car manufacturers, based on information from the Cadal system, indicate a different situation.

According to reports, last year, Iranian car companies suffered a total loss of about 9,500 billion tomans. Considering that the three major automobile companies had registered their financial statements in the Cadal system of the Exchange Organization in 1400, it has now been determined that they have lost about 9,500 billion tomans.

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Losses of automakers

Losses of the three major companies Iran Khodro, Saipa and Pars Khodro have decreased by 40% compared to 1999. The financial statements published until the end of 1999 showed a production loss of 15 thousand and 670 billion tomans. Comparing the losses of these three large companies, Saipa Automotive has been at the top of the table in terms of production losses by registering 6,655 billion tomans and has recorded the highest losses compared to the next two companies.

Losses of automakers

According to the figure, Saipa Company has acquired about 70% in terms of production losses. The second place in the table belongs to Iran Khodro Company, which by the end of last year has allocated about 2 thousand and 480 billion in terms of production losses. About 25% of the total production loss belongs to Iran Khodro.

Pars Khodro Company, which is a subsidiary of Saipa Company, has gained the third rank and has lost about 315 billion Tomans. This amount to about 5% of the total loss of 1400.

Losses of automakers

Last year, about 866,600 units of cars or vans were produced by these three companies. According to the recorded production losses, it can be stated that the car manufacturers lost about 11 million tomans in each car.

If we want to examine the production losses of these three companies separately, Iran Khodro Company has produced 451,100 units, which according to the relevant statistics in each unit produced, has lost about five million and five hundred thousand tomans.

Saipa Company has registered a total of 274,750 passenger cars and vans in its production line. Of this amount of production, about 24 million and 200 thousand tomans per production had a production loss. Pars Khodro Company has recorded a loss of about 2 million and 870 thousand Tomans in each of its production devices.

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