From the beginning, when I started producing skaj, I was looking for a way or formula to achieve wealth in my thoughts, but with the passage of time, I realized that there is no such thing, and one can only achieve a higher income by increasing one’s will and effort, and in In this article, I want to introduce you to the best skates.

Scotch crochet

To wash dishes that are not very dirty from the soft side Scotch crochet Polyurethane foam dishwasher squeegee is used, it keeps the foam in itself and has a soft and porous texture, and it has a long life and is environmentally friendly. If you want to avoid scratches and lines on dishes, you can use this type of squeegees. Compared to cellulose squeegees, polyurethane foam squeegees last longer.

Marine squeegees, this type of squeegee is made from sponges that are on the sea floor and are organic and 100% natural. Before the invention of polyurethane and polyester squeegees, these sponges were used to wash surfaces. Vegetable scrubs are environmentally friendly because they are degradable and quickly remove stains on the dishes. These types of scrubs do not clean food particles stuck to the bottom of the dishes, because they have a soft texture.


Dish washer

Dish washer Another type of squeegee is that in their advertisements it is said that they can remove all kinds of contamination from dishes without detergents. Because these products have a rough surface, they easily remove fats and particles left on food. These types of squeegees get dirty quickly and it is difficult to clean them, so it is better to replace them as soon as possible.

Do not use this type of squeegee for dishes that are very dirty. Microfiber or microfiber squeegees are very soft and the foam from detergents remains on them, which is why they are so popular. All kinds of steel glasses and dishes are used to wash the dishes that food is not stuck to, and they are the best option for dishes that should not be scratched.


wire squeegee

The most widely used devices that can be used to wash all kinds of dishes wire squeegee It is a knit that exists in various models and designs in the market, each of which has different applications according to its type. Scrubs are made of different materials and in different ways, each of which is used to wash special dishes according to the type and type of texture they have.

To wash all kinds of dishes with a squeegee, be sure to pay attention to their type and material so as not to damage the dishes during washing, because squeegees have many different types, each of which is used for washing different and special dishes according to their gender. For example, we can refer to the braided and woven wire squeegees that are used to wash copper or zinc dishes.



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