Earlier this year, Honor introduced the Honor Magic V foldable phone as its foldable product. Nevertheless, it seems that by the end of this year we may see the unveiling of the second Honor foldable phone.

Since the separation from Huawei, Honor has become a completely independent brand, and with the separation from this large Chinese company, another Huawei communication limitations does not have After a few months, Honor has gradually started its powerful presence in the market to compete with the big ones in order to become one of the best in the market.

November Teter

Even in this short period of time, Honor has taken interesting actions and launched very high quality products in the markets, including Honor Magic 4 Ultimate Cited. On the other hand, this company has grown significantly in China and has become one of the best in the Chinese market.

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Honor’s second foldable phone

According to the latest interview of Honor CEO Zhao Ming, the company is preparing A new generation of folding phones and probably this phone with a dedicated user interface Magic OS 7.0 will be supplied.

As the CEO of Honor explained, The new version of Honor’s exclusive user interface It will arrive on smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2022. In addition, the company will launch a new foldable smartphone in this time frame.

Having said that, in the period from October to December, we can expect Honor to launch new products, including New flagship and foldable phones based on Android 13.

Honor's second foldable phone will arrive by the end of 2022

According to Mr. Ming, Honor is developing new and special technologies for its phones and by investing in research and development, it is trying to be one of the leaders in the mobile market. According to this official, nearly 8,000 people are specifically engaged in the research and development department of Honor Company.

Honor’s executive director claims that in terms of The ratio of investment in research and development to incomeHonor has the highest rank among Chinese manufacturers. In particular, Honor spends nearly twice as much as other Chinese companies in this sector.

On the other hand, in connection with Magic OS7, it is said that Honor’s ultimate goal is to develop something beyond a user interface related to Android, and as a result, maybe Honor intends to launch its own operating system and platform.

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