Hippocrates online office management software ; Web-based services that you can use anywhere you want without installing any application. In the following, you will read Tekrato’s interview with Reza Defini, the co-founder and technical director of Bokrat.

Technology reaches out to the health sector cautiously and very quietly, because one of the most sensitive fields is the health sector. Now in Iran, there are few applications or web-based systems that have extensive activity in the field of health. Hippocrat is one of the few web-based systems that has launched online office management and envisions a wider perspective for itself. In the following, we have talked with Reza Defani, the co-founder and technical director of Bokrat, which you will read below.

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The story of the birth of Hippocrat online office management software

Reza Defani explained to Tekratu reporter about how Hippocrates came into being: “Before this, we were a company that worked in the field of organizational projects. Of course, at the same time, we had an idea to introduce our own product to the market. Until we were invited to Milad Hospital to design the hospital’s HIS system. The HIS system is the system on which all the information affairs of the hospital are carried out.

Hippocrates online office management software: virtual hospital of the future
Hippocrates online office management software

He further explained:

Over time, we got to know the whole field of health, and according to the order of one of the vice presidents of the hospital, we were asked to find an office management software. When we searched the market, we realized that this vacuum and actually the absence of such an application is felt in the market. At that time, we decided to design this software ourselves.

Defense explained how to create the structure of Hippocrat’s online office management software as follows: “One of my colleagues and I went into the office and monitored the behavior of the doctor, patient and staff, and based on that, we designed a plan.

We designed that program in a short period of one week and provided it to the doctor in question. After that, another doctor came to us, to whom we also offered this product, and in the same way, other doctors were added to the number of applicants.”

Reza Defnisi added:

At that time, we realized that this option and this product is critical for doctors who have an office. Then we decided to design this product as a web platform to be a central product.

In this version, we decided to consider a section for patients and their files that has the history of diseases and the number of visits to doctors, and for doctors to be able to access it wherever they are and check the patient’s file. slow

Hippocrates online office management software: virtual hospital of the future

Hippocrates online office management software claims to be the most complete in the health technology sector

Hippocrat’s online practice management software claims to be one of the most complete in the field of technology and has no equal. In proving this claim, Reza Defense said: “Our claim that we are superior to our competitors in the health sector of technology is not a false claim at all.”

For several reasons, one is that we are working with different areas, while the existing platforms in the market only cover a small part of each of these areas. For example, there are three methods in Hippocrates regarding taking turns.

One is that the secretary can make the appointment himself, and the second is that the patient can find the desired doctor through the Internet and make an appointment. or through an IVR phone that goes step by step with the patient until the appointment is made. If the doctors also have internet payment, the patient can enter the portal and pay the fee.

He further explained about online counseling:In the online consulting sector, we are among the few platforms that have three online consulting methods. It is a telephone method that calls the patient for a quarter of an hour; Once the call is made, the doctor and the patient are connected.

We also have a text method that is in the form of a message that the patient can send his text to the doctor at any time and after seeing the patient’s message, the doctor takes the necessary measures.

The third method is video consultation and all these things are integrated; This means that it doesn’t matter which of the above methods your previous appointment with the doctor was based on, but the doctor can have access to all your medical records at the same time.

Office management, the most important part of Hippocrates

Regarding the most important part of Hippocrates, Reza Defensi said: “The most important part of Hippocrates Office management department It is that in this section we personalized all the processes of an office according to the types of offices. All processes are segmented from the time of doctor’s admission, from patients’ documents to other cases. Even the salaries of doctors are specified in it.

The warehousing department of the doctors’ offices and private pharmacies are also included in these categories. Each doctor can have many forms in Hippocrates according to his work characteristics. For example, pre-operative and post-operative forms. Or, for example, the growth chart of patients, which is especially used for children, and the doctor can monitor the treatment process in it. These things are very helpful for the doctor because he can take a quick look at his patient’s condition.”

Hippocrates online office management software: virtual hospital of the future

He further explained about prescription writing:

Another discussion prescription Is. The doctor will make a diagnosis according to all the patient’s files and forms in Hippocrates, then he will write the patient’s electronic prescription, which will be sent to the insurance. In terms of insurance, we plan to include armed forces insurance in Hippocrates in the future, and all processes are fully automatic and digital.

He added: “The thing about queuing is that we have an intelligent queuing that is not on any other platform. According to the records of the doctor and the patient, the doctor can make specific appointments that other patients cannot see. For example, the patient has undergone an operation and the diagnosis of a specific disease has been made; The doctor decides to visit the patient in the morning according to his own discretion, and the duration of the visit can also be considered in the appointment.

Virtual Hospital, the future of Hippocrates

Defense about the future of Hippocrates envisioned a virtual hospital and said: “The future we have in mind for Hippocrates is to become a virtual hospital. A hospital consists of several departments and units, including clinics, pharmacies, laboratories and other parts.

The future we have in mind for Hippocrates is that Hippocrates becomes a virtual hospital, in the sense that the patient has a health record and carries his file with him in any part of the hospital he wants to enter. For example, we have completed the Hippocrates clinic section so far.

Hippocrates online office management software: virtual hospital of the future

In this department, the patient who has visited the doctor before has the prescription, drug, test, etc. In the next step, the patient should go to the pharmacy. In Hippocrates, we will show you which pharmacy is closest, which pharmacy has the patient’s medication available, or which laboratory is there to get the service you need as quickly as possible. In this regard, of course, only the clinic part has been done for now.

The thing that is very important for us in the virtual hospital is the integrity that must exist in the steps. This integration is such that from the time of the patient’s visit to the visit to the pharmacy and clinic, etc., everything is done through the same prescription and during an integrated process; For example, from the prescription to the test results, and in general, all treatment and consultation steps are included in the patient’s health record, which the doctor and the patient can see. If necessary, the doctor can share this case with other doctors.

It is the same in the imaging process. That is, when the patient takes a CT scan photo, the patient does not need to go to the doctor to show the photo, but the photo is sent to the doctor.

Web application or software? which one is better?

Defense explained in this regard: In the survey we conducted, we found that maybe most people are comfortable with the application, but many search for the doctor they want on the Internet and not inside the application.

Another reason why we did not design an application for Hippocrates was that the number of visits to the doctor is very limited, and we did not need to design an application for this limited visit. We will design an application where it is needed; For example, controlling the menstrual cycle or controlling the health of pregnant women, so that we can enter Mobile Health in this field as well. which we are implementing.


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