Hikvision and Hilock are in the first position among surveillance equipment brands. Actually, both of these brands are in the same company and made in China.

Now, in this article, we would like to remind you that Hikvision, with its two brands, Hikvision and Hilock, are considered the best manufacturers of surveillance equipment in the world, and the important slogan of Hikvision is that Hikvision is the first choice of users and always for All projects are recommended.

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Hikvision is considered the first choice of surveillance equipment in the world. Video surveillance users and colleagues have bought the best products if they choose this brand. Last year, the Hikvision brand was selected as the best and best-selling brand in this field for the sixth year in a row, and this year it is trying to maintain this title and defend its rank. In 2022, due to the end of the spread of the corona virus in the world, business will once again take the past boom and it is expected that Hikvision will achieve important productions this year.

In this article, we will show users how cost-effective it can be to buy these products from these brands. Both in terms of efficiency and economy.

Hikvision is the first choice of users

As you know, the price of products is one of everyone’s priorities in any purchase, so when buying a CCTV camera, its price should also be taken into consideration. In Iran Hilock store, there is a special sale of Hikvision and Hilock products and you can buy both Hikvision technologies at the best price. The website address of Iran Hilock store is as follows:

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Hikvision is the first choice of users

The price of Hikvision and Hilock network and turbo surveillance cameras in this article specifies how much the user should pay to buy any technology from any brand. Hikvision is considered the best CCTV camera manufacturer in the world. This title has been with Hikvision for 6 years and will almost certainly reach 7 years. This title is applied to a brand according to various issues, including the following:

  • Annual sales worldwide
  • Satisfaction of users and experts of the accredited institution AS
  • The variety of goods in the last year and the supply of new goods in the world

To be professional and choose a perfect surveillance equipment, you must use the Hikvision brand; Because with this choice, all your needs will be met and what you expect from a strong security system will be achieved. In fact, the seller of surveillance equipment named Hikvision can easily convince the customer to use these products. The reasons for the superiority of Hikvision over other brands are as follows:

  • Economical price compared to the efficiency of the products
  • Benefiting from Hikvision’s unique chipset and board
  • Has a high variety of products
  • Resistant and durable
  • It has the most up-to-date technology in the world
  • No loss of image quality over time
  • Benefiting from both analog and network technology according to the user’s needs

A common phrase that users hear from vendors when purchasing surveillance equipment is that Hikvision is the top manufacturer of CCTV cameras in the world. Since 2016, when Hikvision snatched the lead from Honeywell, it has maintained it until the end of 2021, and it is expected that it will be maintained at the end of 2022. Hikvision company has won the best awards in the field of international standards by producing two brands Hikvision and Hilock.

Currently, Hikvision CCTV camera, although it has a high price, is one of the best-selling products in this field, which we mention in this article. There are many types of CCTV cameras, the choice of which depends on your expectations, and of course, the most important factor in choosing it depends on your pocket. Keep in mind that if you want to have a very high quality device, you can get both wired and wireless devices.

Economy in the discussion of CCTV is a general issue regarding the purchase of valuable products and surveillance equipment in the world, and its examination refers to the purchase of quality products at a reasonable price. In the Iran Hilok store, the equipment procurement process is carried out in the following three stages.

  • First, counseling
  • Second, buying CCTV and related equipment such as devices, hard drives, etc.
  • Third, equipment installation

As it was said, Hikvision company also offers Hilock products in the world, which is known for being economical and cheap. Hikvision is known worldwide as the best surveillance camera that meets all the needs of users with excellent quality and a very high variety of products.

The special sale of Iran Hilock including surveillance equipment has been implemented on this website and users can buy the products in this basket with a very good discount. In this article, we will refer to the products that are on special sale of Iran Hilock.

Keep in mind that the purchase of a CCTV camera is not only the cost of the equipment, and to activate a complete surveillance equipment, you must go through the following steps and pay for them:

  • Buying a CCTV camera
  • CCTV camera installation (adjustment and placement)
  • Installing the device (connecting the hard drive, starting work and related training)
  • Cable laying (with ductwork and flexiwork if needed)
  • Installing the switch (only for network technology and with those devices without POA)
  • Rack and box placement (if needed)
  • Transfer the image to a mobile phone or personal computer (if needed)
  • In Hikvision’s new generation products, the ability to easily transfer images to mobile phones is provided.
  • All the mentioned items together are among the requirements of installing a surveillance system and each one is complementary to the other.

It doesn’t matter what project you have ahead of you and how big your space is. Hikvision is a brand that is used in various cases, and the customers of this brand, if they have used it before, will definitely come to it again for the next project.

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Hikvision is the first choice of users

The most important item in the ranking of surveillance equipment manufacturing brands is the annual sales of that company’s products. Hikvision has the highest level of sales both in Iran and everywhere in the world. This top level is due to its many features, extensive capabilities and also very good quality. Hikvision’s extensive features are introduced as follows:

  • Covering the user’s needs in terms of the image resolution of CCTV cameras
  • Covering different uses of the device in terms of the number of channels
  • Benefiting from exclusive TVI board and exclusive chipset of America’s Amberla
  • Has the highest level of resistance in products
  • No image loss in network technology

Ace magazine named ASMG publishes the opinions of users around the world about surveillance equipment every year, and the experts of this institution also announce their expert opinions. The satisfaction of users as well as the opinions of the experts of this institution regarding the Hikvision brand are at the most positive level possible. This user consent has been obtained for the following reasons:

  • The lowest failure level of Hikvision products
  • Real image resolution and very high quality products
  • Using the most up-to-date technology
  • Easy to use, simple installation and understandable menu for everyone

Keep in mind that by purchasing Hikvision products, you have acquired the best surveillance equipment, however, the cost you pay for Hikvision is lower than many other brands. Keep in mind that Hikvision offers the most expensive products in the Iran Hilock store, but in the market of binoculars and surveillance equipment, there are other products of other brands that are more expensive than Hikvision, but do not have the functions of Hikvision. The point that exists in this is that the Hikvision brand is exclusively active in the field of surveillance equipment; Therefore, it is less known among the public mind than the brands that are active in all electronic fields. Brands that are active both in the field of video surveillance and in other fields are as follows:

  • Samsung
  • Bush
  • Panasonic
  • Sony

Many products in monitoring equipment have the same chipset and board, and only the process of putting them together is done in different companies. Most of the boards used in CCTV cameras and recording and playback devices are produced by Sony, but what is used in the Hikvision brand is an American brand called Umbrella.

Hikvision has a wide range of products and they can be used according to the efficiency of each environment. The high variety of Hikvision products is as follows:

  • CCTV camera image resolution 2 to 8 megapixels
  • The device has 4 to 128 channels of image
  • It has trap type, bolt and speed dam
  • Fixed and variable lens
  • It has special capabilities based on artificial intelligence and simple and cheap products

Hikvision products in the field of surveillance equipment have the highest resistance, including IP66 or IP67. Also, the body used in these products is of the highest quality plastic and metal, which usually uses metal products for outdoor environments and plastic products for indoor environments.

Currently, the most up-to-date technology in monitoring equipment is smart products based on artificial intelligence. In Hikvision brand, you can buy the most up-to-date technologies such as face recognition, body temperature detection, license plate reading, lane crossing warning, etc. These products can be seen in special closed doors, each of which must be paired with Hikvision’s I series smart device. In Iran Hilock store, only Hikvision products have such capabilities.

Hikvision has a unique feature, which is that the image does not fade over time. In many experiences, users complain about the decrease in the resolution of the CCTV camera image after some time, which is not the case with Hikvision products. If the user uses Hikvision’s IP products, he will surely be relieved from Byte 2 of the following topic:

  • No loss of quality
  • No product failure

Currently, two technologies are seen in surveillance equipment products. One under the network and the other analog. Each of these two series of wiring products has its own technology. The user can use these products with his own technology according to his own expectations. Separately, these two product series have the following features:

  • It has 2, 3, 5 and 8 megapixel HD CCTV camera image resolution
  • It has 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 megapixel IP camera resolution
  • It has 4, 8, 16 and 32 DVR image channels
  • It has 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128 NVR image channels.


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