NASA has come to the conclusion that it needs people’s help to search for signs of life on Mars, and as a result, we see the publication of NASA’s call to find Martian clouds.

It seems that the NASA space agency needs help to search for signs of life on Mars. NASA, by publishing a public statement, asked people to help this organization to find the Martian cloud.

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NASA’s call to find Martian clouds

Help NASA!  NASA's call to find Martian clouds

The space agency NASA has released a public statement asking people to join the project to find clouds on Mars. NASA hopes that, with the help of people from all over the world, they will answer the basic question that has occupied the minds of scientists for a long time, which factor leads to the formation of clouds in the sky of Mars?

But how should people join the Mars Cloud Project? NASA has been collecting data for the last 16 years with the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) and now this huge amount of data on the platform Zuniverse It has been made available to the public and needs a comprehensive review.

It should be noted that the information collected by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is in the form of infrared light, a spectrum that cannot be seen by the human eye. In this project, NASA wants people to look for signs of clouds in the Martian atmosphere in this infrared data.

Help NASA!  NASA's call to find Martian clouds

Finding Martian clouds in MRO data allows scientists to solve one of Mars’ most important and oldest mysteries. Of course, NASA is trying to find the clouds detected in the orbiter data by manipulating algorithms, but according to this organization, relying on human vision is more reliable in this case.

Many believe that Mars was once a habitable planet and that the surface of this solar system planet, which now consists of only soil and rocks, was once covered with lakes and rivers. It even seems that the Curiosity rover has been able to confirm this initial hypothesis by finding information.

According to NASA, basically two cloud models are created on Mars. The first type are frozen water clouds that are also present on Earth. The second type is clouds consisting of carbon dioxide, which have a state like dry ice. Specifically, these clouds only form when the surface temperature of Mars is below freezing.

Help NASA!  NASA's call to find Martian clouds

With this new project, NASA hopes to publicize the cloud-finding effort to understand when and where clouds form. Also, this organization is trying to learn more about the middle atmosphere of Mars. Beyond these, this project may provide information about the causes of the thinning of the atmosphere of the planet Mars.

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