The recent comparisons made in connection with the cameras of Apple and Xiaomi flagships, the news of Heavy failure of iPhone 13 Pro Max It is superior to Xiaomi 12S.

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The DxOMark website, which is one of the most reliable sources of specialized reviews and evaluations of mobile cameras, reviews conducted on Xiaomi 12S Ultra camera and has assigned 138 points to the camera of this product. Previously, we saw the review of the iPhone 13 Pro Max camera, which showed a relatively good performance by scoring 137 points.

It should be noted that the 12S Ultra is ranked fifth in the DxOMark list, although the cameras of smartphones such as Honor Magic Ultimate 4 and Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra are in better ranks!

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Heavy defeat of iPhone 13 Pro Max to the flagship of Xiaomi

According to Dexomark’s review, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra camera has an average score of 138 in the photography section with 144 points, 96 points in the zoom section and 113 points in the video recording section.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra

The camera performance of this phone is generally described as excellent. This product has good exposure in different situations with low or high brightness for photography or portrait mode; Also, it has a suitable dynamic range for photography or filming. Other positive aspects of this camera include proper focus in all light conditions, proper color rendering of images, and recording of high-quality telephoto photos.

It should be noted that the heavy defeat of iPhone 13 Pro Max to Xiaomi 12S Ultra does not make Xiaomi’s flagship camera known as perfect in every way. According to Dexomark information, one of the camera problems of this product can be seen during HDR rendering. Additionally, photographers will experience shutter lag when capturing images in low light.

Weaknesses of the 12S Ultra camera They do not end there, and according to this reliable authority, we see problems in different situations; Among these problems, we can mention noise in high-contrast scenes, trouble in the focus of the telephoto camera, or low contrast in some images.

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