Our checks at Tekrato show that the Google Discover service is available without problems, at least as of this morning. But does Google Discover has been unfiltered ?

As a result of the recent protests that have occupied the country for more than two months now, various platforms and services have been filtered and unavailable to users.

But the filtering circle, which for a long time was limited to platforms, social networks and some messengers, suddenly and perhaps for a specific reason, that is Identification of Rubica as a spy tool by Google Play Protect; It also included many Google services. Efficient tools and services that had practically nothing to do with the unrest and their filtering seemed more like a forced reaction to Rubica’s vindictiveness.

In the meantime, one of the most important filtered services of Google, which was important for many Iranian websites and businesses, was the Google Discover service, which had and continues to play an important role in the daily traffic of many websites. Now our investigations show that the limitation of this service may have been removed. But from Fix Google Discover filter what do we know

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Has Google Discover been filtered?

Based on the user’s interests and activities on the web, the Google Discover news feed intelligently collects the desired content from the Internet and puts it at his disposal. Google Discover filtering In the recent period, both the access of users to their desired content had become a problem and the number of visits to internal websites had decreased significantly.

Has Google Discover been filtered?

But now our investigations in Tekrato through different data and fixed internet networks indicate that now and without the need for IP change tool, it is easy to update the Discover section in Google browser. This is despite the fact that this possibility did not exist before and as a result of the lack of access of the audience to this section, the traffic of many websites faced a sharp decrease. It remains to be seen whether Fix Google Discover filter Is it permanent?

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What do you think about fixing Google Discover filtering? Do you have access to the Discover news feed in the Google application on your phone? Please share your opinion about this with Tekratu technology news Follow with us.

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