According to reports, Google has been restricting Hangouts service to its Workspace users for some time. It looks like this service will be discontinued.

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According to a post officially published on Google Blog, users who use the Hangouts service in the web version of Gmail can only use this service without interruption until July (mid-July). After this date, which is likely to be extended until mid-November, users will be notified to migrate to Chat.

Hangouts service activity is still available on the main website. Google said it would notify users to migrate to the Chat service at least one month before the Hangouts service was shut down.

Full details of Hangouts service shutdown

Google decided in February to impose restrictions on the Hangouts service for Workspace users; And now the company intends to send a notification to users to transfer normal users from this service to Google Chat service. It seems that users of this application will soon receive a warning to migrate to Chat.

Full details of Hangouts service shutdown

Note that users of older Google services should not confuse Chat with GChat (or Google Talk), which has been unavailable for some time. For the first time, the company announced in 2018 its decision to move users from Hangouts to Chat. But in 2020, this feature became available to everyone for free.

It is worth noting that if you are still a Hangouts user, you should know that Google will automatically transfer your conversations to the Chat service. Google will also allow users to download a copy of their Hangouts information before November using the Takeout service.

Google also announced that it has introduced new features to encourage users to migrate to the Chat service. These features include the ability to make direct calls, create multi-line strings in the Spaces section, and view and share multiple images.

Over the decades, Google has developed a variety of services in the world of technology and software, many of which have been phased out by the same company. It is interesting to know that the number of unsuccessful projects of this company has been so large that a group of users have designed sites to commemorate these products. One of these sites is called killedbygoogle.

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