The Russian newspaper Kommersant reported on the defectiveness of approx Half of the Chinese chips that enter Russia. Sanctions seem to have caused this.

Russian tech companies have noticed something strange about the shipments of chips they receive from Chinese manufacturers. According to a report from the Russian newspaper Kommersant, which is dedicated to politics and business, more than 40 percent and up to approx Half of the Chinese chips are defective.

This represents a 1900 percent increase Chinese chip failures while Kommersant notes that before the attack on Ukraine, the failure rate was 2%; Of course, we cannot confirm that these two things are related.

The newspaper, which is owned by a pro-Putin billionaire Alishir Usmanov, published its first issue in January 1990. Quoting an anonymous source in its report, Kommersant cited the Covid-19 pandemic and recent economic sanctions as the reason for this. This problem has been imposed on Russia by damaging chip supply chains and forcing Russia to import gray market semiconductors in the first place.

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Half of the Chinese chips imported to Russia are defective

Given that many modern devices, especially military hardware, require many different semiconductor products, even a 2% failure rate would be bad enough. Delivering 40% of chips defective means it’s virtually impossible to build anything without spending significant time and effort testing all the chips.

Kommersant (meaning merchant) claims that sanctions have led to large import companies leaving Russia, leaving manufacturers there with no choice but to use unauthorized suppliers, whose customer service compared to official channels may backfire. put Russian companies also lack experience in vetting suppliers and products before placing large orders.

Half of the Chinese chips

In February this year (March 1400), Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that their countries intend to have “unrestricted friendship” without “forbidden areas” for cooperation. However, Beijing has made it clear (using a very diplomatic tone) that Hostilities of Russia against Ukraine does not approve and asks Putin to follow the method of negotiations and has refused to vote altogether on the UN resolution condemning the attack instead of voting against it.

On the other hand, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade told Kommersant that it had not received any information about the increase in the proportion of defective parts. Therefore, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia has denied this news.

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