News last month Hack the LastPass password management platform And the unauthorized access of hackers to the information of the mentioned platform was confirmed by its senior members.

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According to published news, recently a hacker managed to LastPass management system Penetration and for four days to the information of the largest system Password management The world has access.

Of course, as the CEO of the platform announced, during the research conducted with the cooperation of Mandiant cyber security experts, it was found that there is no risk User information does not threaten

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What information did the attacker gain access to after hacking the LastPass password management platform?

After hacking the platform LastPass password manager, the hacker gained access to the source codes and technical information of this password management platform. According to the published news, the attacker’s access to the technical parts of this service ends, and it can be safely said that the security of the users’ information is fully preserved.

Hacking the LastPass password management platform;  Theft of information from the source of information protection!

In the following, it should be noted that LastPass does not have access to the main password of users, which is the same issue Data decryption makes it more difficult for hackers.

Finally, it should be noted that cyber security is much weaker than it seems. Recently, big companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, Nvidia, etc. were attacked by hackers and now with the hacking of the system of the biggest password management platform in the world, it can be said that User information security In cyberspace, it is just a simple joke for hackers.

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