Hackers know about the existence of a Unable to fix vulnerability They have data on PlayStation 4 and 5, which allows them to run their favorite applications on these consoles.

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A hacker named CTurt, who has been trying to crack game consoles for a long time, has reported a security vulnerability in PlayStation 4 and 5 data that according to him cannot be fixed. Despite this vulnerability, hackers can install their own applications on the console.

According to CTurt, he reported the vulnerability, which he calls Mast1c0re, to Sony about a year ago in a bug-hunting initiative, but there is no sign of a fix. This vulnerability is caused by a bug in In-place compilation system Emulators that run some PlayStation 2 games on PlayStation 4 and 5. In this compilation model, the simulator obtains permission to execute code in the application layer.

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Unfixable PlayStation Vulnerability Linked to Older Games

Hackers can use vulnerabilities discovered decades ago to control the PlayStation emulator PlayStation 2 They are known to abuse. For most of these exploits, a vulnerable game must be used to allow access to the siv files that are stored in a special format on the memory card.

Since the PlayStation 4 and 5 don’t natively support regular PlayStation 2 discs, this method is a bit limited. That is, the desired games must be played as one PS2 game be available for download on the PlayStation 4 through the PlayStation Network or are limited edition games released as a PlayStation 4 compatible disc from a publisher such as Limited Run Games.

An unfixable vulnerability in PlayStation

In this case, hackers must use a kernel vulnerability to gain full access to PlayStation 4, but working with the mast1c0re exploit itself also requires Complex software including emulators optimized for in-place compilation and cracked PlayStation 4 games.

CTurt emphasized that Sony cannot fix this security hole. Because for PlayStation 2 games that run on PlayStation 4, a copy of the PlayStation 2 emulator is packaged with the game itself, and it’s not like these codes are used separately and as one of the main components. Console operating system be saved A similar vulnerability was previously known in Nintendo’s eShop, but the company removed all 3DS games, while PlayStation 2 games can still be downloaded via the PlayStation Network.

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