Ensuring free advertising of online businesses on domestic platforms It is only one of the promises made by the authorities for online businesses in their support plan for internet businesses. Read more about the other features of the business support package.

After the unveiling of A plan to support internet and digital businesses in the countryNow some details of this support package have been revealed. According to Issa Zarepour, due to the problems created recently for internet businesses, the process of approving the plan has accelerated and this plan was signed by the president last night.

Zarepour said: “Today is a big day for internet businesses, and Zain will see huge developments in government support, and with this plan, we are taking a big step for the prosperity of the country’s digital economy.”

It seems that the authorities are encouraging people to migrate to foreign platforms as much as they can. But it should be seen whether domestic platforms can basically provide the desired productivity for domestic online business owners.

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Ensuring free advertising of online businesses on domestic platforms

One of the issues raised in the above plan, discussion Advertising And Attracting followers It is the size of at least half of Instagram followers. According to the Minister of Communications, many businesses had hundreds of thousands of followers on foreign platforms, and now they are having trouble entering the domestic platform.

Securing Free Online Business Advertising on Domestic Platforms: Finding Followers

He added: “A person will face problems if he changes his house in the same street. “We have considered an advertising support package so that all government agencies can advertise for businesses with maximum discounts.”

According to the plan, foreign platforms should not be advertised on radio and other devices. Special packages for SMS and programming in radio and television are also other advertising supports that exist in this plan.

Financial exemption for businesses up to two years

Financial exemption for businesses up to two years

Among other items of the support package for internet businesses is financial exemption for online businesses. Zarepour said: “We also took measures regarding taxes. Businesses tell us that if I come to the internal platform, I have to pay tax as soon as I enter it, if no one has done anything for me on external platforms, but now as soon as I sell on the internal platform, the tax organization will come after us. We did something so that up to two billion tomans of income will be exempted from tax for at least two years. Those who have been paying taxes until today will also receive a discount.”

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Using a user account instead of a bank guarantee

In the plan to support domestic businesses, the account holder can give his account to the bank as collateral. This type of collateral is also acceptable by the central bank. According to Zarepour: “Also, the user account of people in social networks is considered as an intangible asset and the bank can use it as an asset, and the bank is allowed to use it as collateral. If someone pledges his account, the bank can cash it in case of non-payment of installments.

Using a user account instead of a bank guarantee

It should be mentioned that payment of facilities to businesses migrating from foreign to domestic platforms is considered; This is another point in encouraging people to migrate to internal platforms.

also Regarding user data This assurance is given in the plan that users’ information is among the trade secrets and the violators will face legal punishment in keeping them.

Blue tick for authentication

A blue tick on some social networks such as Twitter or Instagram indicates that the existing account is valid. Usually, many politicians or celebrities have a blue tick so that their real accounts can be distinguished from fake accounts. Looks like one on domestic platforms too blue tick It is intended for authentication purposes.

Blue tick for authentication

Active businesses get a special blue business tick that differentiates them from other accounts. Of course, this blue tick is not exclusive to businesses and individuals can also receive it.

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Consider payment services on internal platforms

Various payment services are considered in the support plan for internet businesses active in domestic platforms; Services such as trust account, direct payment, wallet, credit purchase, etc. will be implemented. It is also stated in this plan that in case of launch Rial codeAll platforms can use it.

Consider payment services on internal platforms

It should be noted that native platforms can also take advantage of being in the technology park. In January of last year, a special working group with special powers started working with eleven members of the cabinet to grow the digital economy. This working group had monthly meetings and 9 specialized commissions were formed under it and more than 50 meetings were held by them.

As Zarepour announced, many approvals have come out of these meetings, such as the problem Insurtechs with central insurance Solved. He emphasized that a good resolution has been determined in the field of freelancers, which will be announced soon.

As Isa Zarepour declared, Plan to support virtual businesses In fact, it is related to the second layer of the digital economy, that is, the layer in which the platform-based economy is considered and the existing capacities should be used to facilitate the way of online businesses.

last word

All of the above are among the government’s efforts to attract citizens and their migration to the interior. Internal platforms also do their best in this regard.

But we have to wait and see to what extent the provision of various facilities and other services on domestic platforms will persuade people to migrate. The thing that will be clearly visible in the creation of such plans is that the authorities do not intend to remove the filtering of foreign platforms.

But can creating internal platforms and creating this type of isolation for the digital economy of the country have the productivity of the days of free access to foreign platforms? In the end, what will happen to international communication regarding businesses, which was definitely possible with foreign platforms?

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What do you think about guaranteeing free advertising of online businesses on internal platforms as well as other facilities announced in the support package for someone and internet jobs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section Technology News Follow with duplicates.

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