During new studies on the aging process in humans, it has been concluded that Sorrow It is more effective than physical diseases and habits like smoking.

Scientists around the world are using artificial intelligence to create a new type of watch that this watch is capable of Measuring true biological age have you Following the repeated efforts of researchers and the addition of psychological factors, interesting results have been obtained. Based on these results, The impact of mental disorders Like grieving, it is more than the effect of physical diseases.

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The effect of grieving on the aging process

Based on chronological age, your age is the number of years you have lived, and it does not mean that if someone is the same age as you, they will be the same in terms of physical health.


Researchers, by measuring certain cases of physical health Like the gut microbiome or an inflammatory marker in the blood, people hope to be able to predict whether a person is young or old. If the prediction is accurate, this issue can help experts to identify the cause of accelerating the aging process and lifestyle factors in the aging process.

One of the important factors of human health, Mental and emotional state There were people who were not taken into account during the past efforts.

A multi-decade study conducted in 2021 on 2.3 million New Zealanders showed that between Psychopathy And there is a strong connection between the onset of physical illness and death. Also, based on other studies, there is a relationship between mental health problems and acceleration of the aging process in middle age, whose impact on the aging process began years before the onset of aging-related diseases.

In the United States and Hong Kong, scientists were able to use the findings of previous studies to create a new aging clock. Computer algorithm to design This design includes several factors related to mental health and blood biomarkers. Algorithm training was done according to the data of about 5 thousand healthy adults from the data set of the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHARLS), which included people aged 45 and older, and testing was done on the data of another 7 thousand people.

This was done for the first time in China on a large group of people, while it was mostly done in Western populations, and this watch is among the first to include psychological factors.

Finally, the authors concluded that psychological factors such as feeling happy, sad or lonely add up to 1.65 years to a person’s biological age. These factors have a great impact on the impact of demographic characteristics such as biological sex, marital status and smoking. The authors say:

The psychological component should not be ignored in aging studies due to its significant impact on biological age.

Researchers conducted new studies by considering the data of 16 blood factors such as cholesterol level, body mass index, waist circumference and blood pressure. The psychological well-being information of the participants includes 8 feelings of annoyance, loneliness, not being happy, lack of concentration, restlessness, depression, hopelessness and fear.


By testing the watch on sick people, including people with cancer, heart, kidney and lung disease, it has been predicted that these people are older than their peers, and its effect on the predicted age was not more than 1.5 years. The amount obtained from the total effects of psychological variables was less, which according to this algorithm, accelerates aging by 1.65 years, and also the use of tobacco accelerates the aging process by 1.25 years.

Of course, according to the above, the impact of using tobacco on health is no less than loneliness or depression, and it is known as one of the dangerous factors for the occurrence of many cancers and heart diseases.

So based on recent findings, it is possible that if a single person is rarely happy (adds 0.59 years to old age), often feels hopeless (adds 0.35 years), and has problems sleeping (adds 0.44 years), It has a more negative impact on human health than smoking.

According to the authors, the results of the impact of low mental well-being are equal to the impact of diseases and smoking. The authors say:

Therefore, mental health promotion may be an antiaging intervention with potential advantages similar to or more pronounced than physical therapy approaches.

The Deep Longevity Company, as an investor in aging clocks, has made a large financial contribution to this study. This study was published in the journal Aging. Recent studies and reviews can be seen in the journal Aging.

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