These days, the law prohibiting abortion in America has caused a lot of controversy. Now we are witnessing Google’s fight against the law against abortion in a strange way.

In response to the controversies related to the law prohibiting abortion in the United States, Google has announced that it will not hand over the information related to the visits of users of its services to abortion clinics to judicial authorities.

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Google’s fight against abortion law

After the implementation of state laws prohibiting abortion in the United States, Google has decided to create special conditions to protect the private information of its users. This protocol includes such things as the automatic exclusion of visits to abortion clinics or other specific and sensitive cases related to the health field, which will be presented in the coming weeks.

Of course, this change is only offered to people who log into their Google account and set the location history to the default. Google’s automatic removal policy; According to the explanation provided by this company, in addition to destroying records of visits to abortion clinics, it also includes cases such as domestic violence shelters, addiction treatment centers and cosmetic surgery clinics.

Google's fight against the law against abortion with a strange solution!

Since a person’s location information may become available to certain individuals due to privacy laws, Google has tried to think of a solution in advance and before it is approved by Congress.

This major policy change in Google is an attempt to address the important concern that prosecutors or other judicial authorities may not be able to access users’ personal information through Google services and use it as judicial evidence for the abortion law.

Privacy experts are actually concerned that law enforcement authorities will force app developers to hand over abortion-related documents. Previously, a number of American senators asked Apple and Google to stop collecting user information in software that may lead to the identification of abortion applicants.

The interesting thing is that the deletion of data is somehow mandatory when people go to abortion clinics, and everything is planned in such a way that there is no information to provide if requested by a judicial authority.

Of course, the user can also delete their location history manually. Of course, you should know that even if you disable this feature in one app, other Google apps may continue to save your location information.

Google Map, however, has a special approach in this field, which is called Location Fuzzing. This term means that after 24 hours of searching for a specific location, the app will turn it into an approximate limit.

On the other hand, Apple does not store searches or visited locations, and Maps information is collected at the time of use and merged with various identifiers randomly. Also, all the information of people moving between different devices is encrypted.

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