According to the pre-announced plan, the initial supply of Goldiraan is going to be done today. But what is the supply price and who can buy?

According to the notification of the exchange, today 14 September 1401, 228 million shares equivalent to 6% of the total shares of Goldiran Industries Company will be offered to the exchange with the symbol of Goldira and by the auction method.

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Goldiraan’s initial offering in OTC

Maximum number of shares that can be purchased For each trading code, there are 11 million and 400 thousand shares and the base price is 450 toumans. The main point is that Goldiraan’s initial offering will increase its capital through the use of shares and through pre-emption.

According to the existing announcement, after the discovery of the price in the first phase of the initial auction-style offering, until the beginning of the second phase, Goldira’s trading symbol will be suspended in order to carry out the capital increase process from the place of shares and through pre-emption.

Goldiraan's initial offering in OTC;  Should we buy or not?

In the second stage, capital increase to the extent that 14% of the company’s shares are offered to the public through the transfer of pre-emptive rights. As a result, applicants should consider the effects of capital increase on their ownership after the capital increase and also stop the trading symbol for this issue.

According to the company’s latest financial statement, Goldiran has a capital of 380 billion tomans. Goldiran had sales of 2,906 billion tomans in January ending 1400, which shows a double increase compared to last year. On the other hand, the total cost of this company’s products experienced a 96% growth in the last fiscal year and reached 1,854 million tomans.

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