Electronics hub list The most hated crypto software Published the world. Cash App, BlockFi and Binance software have shown the weakest performance.

Electronics Hub news magazine list The most hated crypto software in the world published According to data, Cash App, the mobile payment service owned by Jack Dorsey, is the most hated crypto application in 29 countries, including the United States of America, Canada and Brazil.

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The most hated crypto software in the world

The BlockFi lending program received the most negative points in 16 countries, including Singapore and Gibraltar, to be ranked second in this list. third place The most hated crypto software in the world After Cash App and BlockFi, it also belongs to the world’s largest digital exchange, Binance. Users of 11 countries in the world, including Turkey, Karagistan, Cameroon, etc., are dissatisfied with the services of this company.

According to Electronics Hub, the Kraken exchange is highly hated in Spain, Slovenia and seven other countries around the world. People of Algeria, Kosovo and other countries showed their dissatisfaction with Robin Hood software services.

Get to know the most hated crypto software in the world!

Xapo, Uphold, Voyager, Bisq and Gemini are also in the list of the most hated crypto software in the world. In the United States, Uphold and Cash App have shown the weakest performance. Voyager, CoinMama and Luno are also on the list of the worst companies in America.

Users of the most populous state of America, California, are dissatisfied with CoinSmart services. The Kraken exchange in the state of Mississippi (Mississippi) has faced severe criticism, but the same exchange in Kansas is among the most popular exchanges.

It should be mentioned that Electronics Hub checked the tweets published by users to collect accurate data. These tweets were categorized according to users’ geographical location. Data from Electronics Hub shows that Tinder is the most hated app in the top 21 US statesset. Snapchat, Reddit and Facebook also have many opponents in this country. Metaverse Staple Roblox is also known among the weakest software operating in America.

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