For those who prefer classic watches with ordinary design with smart capabilities, it should be said that the Gen 6 Hybrid fossil smartwatch has been unveiled.

If you are interested in smartwatches but prefer the classic design of watches, it must be said that the sixth generation of Fossil hybrid smartwatches may be able to attract your attention.

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Specifications of Gen 6 Hybrid fossil smartwatch

Gen 6 Hybrid fossil smartwatch unveiled;  Price and technical specifications

The new Gen 6 Hybrid smartwatch will be available in two versions, Machine and Stella. The first model is 45 mm and is available in three colors: black, silver and smoky. The other version is smaller but 40.5 mm and is available in more colors suitable for women, such as silver, two colors and of course rose gold.

Both models have replaceable straps with a width of 18 and 24 mm, respectively, and are offered in three different materials: metal, leather and of course silicone.

The new fossil watches, in addition to displaying time with classic hands, have the ability to monitor sleep, display notifications, step counting, customizable watches, continuous heart rate and physical activity monitoring, and measure blood oxygen saturation. This product, which also has a built-in microphone, supports Alexa voice assistant.

Gen 6 Hybrid fossil smartwatch unveiled;  Price and technical specifications

Fossil has also released a redesigned version of its proprietary app for Android and iOS that offers a more comprehensive dashboard for fitness data by increasing personalization options. The new Fossil app, of course, also supports older models of the brand’s hybrid smartwatches.

The Gen 6 Hybrid is priced at around $ 229, but you have to pay $ 20 more for the metal strap. Fossil also promises battery life of up to two weeks.

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