It seems that the negotiations between Iran and Russia have led to Gazprom investing 40 billion dollars in Iran in one of its aspects.

The famous Gazprom company’s investment contract in Iran was signed yesterday, according to which this Russian company active in the field of fossil fuels will start investing 40 billion dollars in Iran’s oil and gas fields.

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Gazprom’s 40 billion dollar investment in Iran

This memorandum was signed yesterday, and according to experts, such an agreement with the Russians, who are not in a good situation at the moment, may take Iran a few more steps away from the JCPOA. Of course, the officials mentioned this contract as the biggest investment in the history of the oil industry, but the important question remains unanswered whether this contract is enforceable or not.

On the sidelines of the meeting of the presidents of the three countries Turkey, Russia and Iran in Iran; Mohsen Khojstemehr, CEO of Iran Oil Company, announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the National Iranian Oil Company and Russia’s Gazprom.

Gazprom's 40 billion dollar investment in Iran;  Another Darcy on the way?

However, the general experts do not consider this memorandum as an investment and emphasize the difference between an understanding and a contract. According to this group, this memorandum has no implementation value and it is unlikely that Gazprom will invest in Iranian companies and create a new competitor for itself!

On the other hand, this memorandum can show Iran’s desire towards Russia. It should be asked whether this desire will affect the process of the JCPOA in view of Russia’s bold challenges with Europe. Although the JCPOA cannot be considered as the opposite of this memorandum, it should not be ignored. Because now Russia has many challenges with America and Europe and any cooperation with this country may end up at the expense of the third country. Abdolrasoul Dashti, an energy expert, says about Gazprom’s $40 billion investment in Iran:

A credit agreement is like a note that states what we want to do.

Eva continued that:

If this memorandum was a contract, it would have a more formal form. Therefore, we must say that this memorandum is very good if it results in a contract. A note is a common point for collaboration, it is the beginning of a path and can be a knot-breaker.

He explained how likely this understanding is to lead to official cooperation, which is largely related to the needs of Iranian companies and Gazprom. Different sectors in the country are eager to attract capital and have many development plans that they can achieve if they plan properly. He continued:

We should not assume that Gazprom’s investment in Iran is creating a competitor. This mentality ruins the work. Now we have told this Russian group that we can cooperate in these ways.

Regarding the impact of this understanding on the JCPOA, he said that we can have an understanding with any country and act on it. The JCPOA is a different matter and we may reach agreements in this memorandum that we can implement outside the JCPOA.

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