In a situation where we don’t seem to have much distance until the official unveiling of Samsung’s new smartwatches, information about the battery specifications and price of the Galaxy Watch 5 has been revealed.

Samsung is likely to announce in the big unveiling event that it has planned for August 10, in addition to the new generation of its foldable phones, i.e. Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, also unveils the Galaxy Watch 5 smart watch. But this did not cause the whistleblowers to be indifferent, and as a result, information about the technical specifications of the new Samsung smart watch has been revealed.

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Galaxy Watch 5 battery specifications and price

According to information published by Dealntech, an online retailer, the standard version of the Galaxy Watch 5 will be 10 euros cheaper than its predecessor, while the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which replaces the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, will be around 30 euros more expensive. .

This $10 drop and on the other hand a $30 jump in the different versions of Samsung’s new smartwatch isn’t really that much, but if you want to buy the Pro model, $30 more might seem a bit much to you and you want to know exactly what new thing you’re getting.

Galaxy Watch 5 battery specifications and price were revealed before the unveiling

Other information published by Ice Universe can help in this matter, because it is claimed that the Galaxy Watch 5 can have a battery life of up to 3 days, and considering that such a thing seems very attractive compared to the previous generation, Naturally, we have to wait for the release of the new model.

If that claim is true, Samsung’s new smartwatch has the best battery life of any Wear OS-based watch, which is a huge plus for a complex, feature-rich device with a full-color display.

Basically, in the case of smart watches, it is a bit strange to expect a lifespan of more than a day, and it is necessary to see exactly how the new Samsung watch is going to achieve this goal.

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