Free Education Buying and selling Tether In Iran and by the Tetrafa site, as well as whether the rate of Tether is stable or not, many active users in the field of Tether cryptocurrency and digital currency are asking, at the same time, they are looking for the easiest way to buy and sell Tether.

In this article, we will try to tell you how to buy and sell USDT Tether in simple language, while fully familiarizing yourself with the Tether currency and its benefits.

So, first, let’s talk a little about the Tether digital currency, and then let’s learn how to buy and sell Tether.

What is Tether?

Tether Tether, abbreviated as USDT, is a type of digital currency whose price is always fixed. The value of each Tether unit is 1 USD.

Tether is one of the stable coins of the digital currency market. The point that distinguishes stablecoins from other digital currencies is that they are backed by commodities and other assets. Tether price It always depends on the value of their supporting assets.

The term USDT is known as Tether symbol in cryptocurrency exchanges. This digital currency, which is very popular, is considered one of the most used assets in the crypto world.

The abbreviation Tether is determined according to the nature of this currency and the initial letter of the word Tether. Many stablecoins in the digital currency market are displayed with the symbol USD.

Tether is the most popular stablecoin cryptocurrency with a very high market volume. In terms of market cap, this digital currency is considered the third best cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The native tokens of the Tether network are known by the symbol USDT and have a value equal to 1 US dollar. In simple words, the price of Tether is always fixed and 1 dollar. For this reason, Tether is considered a stable coin. Stablecoin is a type of digital currency whose purpose is to keep its value stable on the basis of fiat currencies.

This digital currency is used by investors who want to protect themselves from the extreme fluctuations of other digital currencies while maintaining value in the crypto market.

The Omni blockchain network was the first network on which Tether transactions were implemented. Later, due to the practicality of USDT and the need of other platforms for a strong stablecoin, Tether entered other networks as well.

In fact, Tether does not have its own blockchain – instead, it acts as a secondary coin on other blockchains such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Algorand, Bitcoin Cash, and OMG, and is secured by the respective hashing algorithms. will be

Is the price of Tether fixed?

Tether digital currency is one of the few centralized cryptocurrency projects. Physical and real supports are used to stabilize the price of this digital currency. For each USDT token, one US dollar will be stored so that the price of this digital currency will always be stable.

When the demand for Buy Tether increases, the development foundation of this digital currency will increase the volume of supply to prevent price growth. Conversely, if demand decreases and the price begins a downward trend, the supply of Tether tokens will decrease until the price reaches one dollar again. This process is constantly repeated so that the price of Tether always remains equal to one dollar.

Since the value of the Tether stablecoin is equal to the dollar and euro currencies, the developers of Tether initially claimed that Tether is fully supported by the US central bank and is backed by the US dollar.

The reason for the creation of Tether

Tether is a stablecoin whose price will always be equal to one US dollar. The reason for using USD in the Tether currency abbreviation is the same. This stablecoin is used to withdraw capital from risky markets or transfer assets.

Before the emergence of Tether, users had to withdraw their assets from the exchange in order to avoid trading losses, so to speak, cash it. Tether, as the first stable crypto coin, was able to prevent large capital outflows from the market.

Types of Tether tokens

Tether tokens are connected to three different blockchains. Therefore, there are three types of tethers. Of course, in practice, all three types of Tether are the same, but if you want to use USDT, you must be able to distinguish which type of Tether you are using. The easiest way to recognize the type of Tether is to check the Tether wallet address.

The first type of Tether uses the Bitcoin blockchain and is called Omni Layer USDT. Also, the blockchain of this type is Bitcoin Omnilayer Tether.

Note that usually the digital wallet address of this type of Tether starts with “1”, “3” and “bc1”.

The second type of Tether uses the Ethereum blockchain with the ERC-20 model and is called eUSDT. The digital wallet address of this type of Tether starts with “0x”.

The third type of Tether uses the TRON digital currency blockchain with the TRC-20 model and is called TRC-20 USDT. Note that the digital wallet address of this type of Tether starts with the word “TX”.

Free training to buy and sell Tether in Iran

History of Tether digital currency

The main owner of Tether and the operator of BitPhoenix exchange was iFinex company in Hong Kong. Tether digital currency was launched in 2014 by software developer Craig Sellers, famous Bitcoin investor Brock Pierce and entrepreneur Rio Collins under the name Realcoin. Its name was changed to Tether in a short period of time. This currency is placed in the category of stable or stable digital currencies.

Each Tether is always worth one US dollar. According to Ifinx’s claim that the price of Tether is fixed, it means that for each Tether token created in the Tether blockchain, one US dollar is added to the bank’s deposit fund. The volume of Tether digital currency transactions is very high on a daily basis and is even higher than Bitcoin transactions.

2010 is the time when Tether digital currency started working. At this time, many experts in the field of technology were of the opinion that the Bitcoin blockchain has the ability to work on other digital currencies. In Hong Kong, two groups called RealCoin and BitFinx digital currency exchange worked on this idea. Finally, both groups created Tether by combining their efforts.

Advantages of Tether digital currency

Using Tether cryptocurrency brings advantages for users. These advantages include:

Price stability

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the price of Tether is almost constant and does not fluctuate much. In fact, the use of Tether is a method of preserving capital value against the changes and fluctuations of the cryptocurrency market for traders. In addition, traders can convert their assets to Tether when the price of their purchased cryptocurrency falls to avoid further losses. The amount of Tether price fluctuations due to supply and demand will eventually reach $1.05 and at least $0.95.

Fast transaction

Using Tether, the speed of transactions will be a few minutes. This is one of the important features of the Tether cryptocurrency for traders to trade internationally in less than a few minutes.

Cheap fee

The transaction fees between Tether wallets are very low and almost zero. Therefore, compared to other traditional currencies, transferring with Tether is much faster and cheaper and has less risk.

Is Tether secure?

Despite the popularity of Tether, this cryptocurrency suffers from a lack of transparency and has even been forced to update the system several times due to hacking.

In November 2017, Tether claimed to have been hacked and $31 million in Tethercoins stolen, followed by a hard fork (a change to the blockchain or an update).

In January 2018, this created yet another hurdle for Tether as the necessary auditing to ensure that real money was properly held was never done.

However, as mentioned, this stable digital currency does not have its own blockchain and benefits from the security of other blockchains hosted by it.

Free training to buy and sell Tether in Iran

How to buy and sell Tether digital currency

To buy and sell Tether, it is enough to go to reputable exchanges and find the abbreviation symbol of Tether currency.

Tetrafa exchange is one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms in the country, which allows buying and selling of USDT and many digital currencies.

How to buy Tether from Tetherfa

  1. First, log in to your account.
  2. Then enter the number of Tethers you want to buy.
  3. Select the option (place order).
  4. If you have a discount code, enter it in the relevant box.
  5. Click on (quick purchase) option to finalize your order.
  6. After completing the steps, your purchase has been completed by displaying the (successful) message.

And you have been able to buy Tether so easily.

Training to sell Tether to Tetherfa

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Enter the number of Tethers you want to sell.
  3. Select the option (place order).
  4. Your receipt can be seen in the box below.
  5. Click on the (quick sale) option to finalize your order.
  6. After completing the steps, your sale is completed by displaying the (successful) message.


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