Forcing Apple to support third-party app stores It was implemented in the European Union with a law called DMA. This law will be implemented for large companies.

of abilities DMA rule It is that Apple will inevitably allow access to third-party app stores and install apps from outside App Store provides for its users. The established law includes other things that help a lot Making the market more competitive he does. The Digital Markets Act (DMA) applies to large tech companies that make their services and platforms available to other companies.

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Forcing Apple to support third-party app stores

European Union regarding the law DMA stated that this law applies to so-called “gated” companies; In fact, these companies are technology giants. Apple is definitely one of these companies due to its very high annual income and hosting a large number of European users.

Forcing Apple to support third-party app stores

This law forces Apple to make a change in App Store, Massages application, Facetime service And Satiety create, as a result, this company may issue permission to install third-party app stores and sideload apps. Developers of this law must have the ability to use third-party payment systems and user information.

The possibility of providing the DMA rule is one of the interesting things that makes interaction between different messaging services possible. This means that Meta and Apple, the possibility of connecting WhatsApp with imessages and users can send messages to each other.

Proposal Debt markets law, took place in December 2020 and its approval took place in March 2022 by the European Parliament and Council. The law is now in its six-month implementation phase, starting on May 2, 2023, and giving powerful gatekeepers two months until July 3, 2023 to notify the European Commission that their conditions are in line with the DMA rules. .

In the following, after receiving the information within 45 days by the commission, final checks will be done to determine the companies that have implemented the rules correctly or those that are considered gatekeepers. Companies then have another six months (until March 6, 2024) to implement the DMA prerequisites.

This issue was not without reaction from Apple and the company expressed its concern regarding the approval of this law and said that this law can create problems for the privacy and security of its users.

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