Follow these tips to be the best you can be. You may define success in health, good family, love and peace but someone else defines success in making money, don’t forget that there is no known and standard definition of success.

Southern turquoise stone

When the name of Firuzeh is mentioned, we unconsciously remember Firuzeh Neishabur Southern turquoise stone And other provinces of our beloved country, Iran, also have good quality, and the reason for this is the presence of copper elements and mines all over our country, each of these mines has its own characteristics and characteristics, although in terms of quality, the turquoise stone of Neyshabur It is at the highest level in the world ranking.

Follow these tips to be the best you can be

boiled grapes

juice boiled grapes Due to its many properties, it is found in most kitchens and can be eaten with most meals. This delicious seasoning is rich in various vitamins and is very useful for strengthening the immune system. This delicious snack is very useful for the body, the hardened grape juice can remain for a long time without the slightest problem and you can use it. use

Follow these tips to be the best you can be

Allergy to eggs

Research has shown that it is possible for some Allergy to eggs have, but in general, consumption of this egg leads to better blood sugar control and reduced insulin sensitivity, these effects reduce the pressure on the pancreas, and by controlling the glucose level, it removes the risk from patients with diabetes, the magnesium present in it Regulates carbohydrate metabolism and reduces glucose release.

Follow these tips to be the best you can be


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