A review of the sales statistics of folding phones in 2021 proves more than anything else the claim that folding phones have made a good place in the market.

Perhaps, when the idea of ​​folding smartphones was introduced, no one imagined that these phones would sell well in the market within a few years. According to a report published by the head of Samsung’s mobile phone department, folding phones have been able to set interesting records so far. In a report, this company announced that more than 10 million folding phones were sold in 2021, which shows the acceptance of this idea by users.

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Folding phone sales statistics in 2021

Folding phone sales statistics in 2021;  Samsung and nothing else!

The head of the mobile phone department of the Korean company wrote in a blog post before the event ahead of Samsung, which is likely to be the place to unveil the foldable phones Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4:

Three years ago, the foldable Galaxy was put in a category, and it was radical. However, it quickly became clear that this innovative and flexible design suited the modern lifestyle. As a result, what was a novelty three years ago is now the preferred choice for millions.

In 2021, all manufacturers have sold something like 10 million foldable phones, which shows a 300% increase compared to the previous year. Of course, Samsung may have exaggerated a little in presenting these statistics.

DSCC CEO and display technology analyst Ross Young shared with The Verge that 7.9 million foldable devices were shipped to Samsung customers last year.

Of course, IDC claims that the total number of foldable devices that Samsung will sell in 2021 is 7.1 million units. Meanwhile, Samsung has sold a total of 272 million smartphones in 2021.

Folding phone sales statistics in 2021;  Samsung and nothing else!

According to these data, Samsung’s superiority in the foldable phone market can be clearly seen. According to the DSCC report, Samsung has the largest share of the foldable phone market in 2021 with 87.8%, followed by Huawei with 9.3%.

Three other companies are also in this list, which are respectively Xiaomi with 2.4%, Robol with 0.3% and finally Oppo with 0.2%. Currently, the sales of foldable phones are expected to reach 27.6 million units in 2025, and naturally, Samsung plans to capture a major part of this potential figure.

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