British Royal Air Force (RAF) of Flying a military plane with cooking oil It also reported successfully. Stay tuned for more details.

According to the press release of the British government, the Royal Air Force of the British Army has successfully shot down a military transport aircraft with Completely sustainable and renewable fuel This is considered to be the first flight of any type of aircraft in the world with this type of fuel.

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Flying a military plane with cooking oil

British Defense Secretary Baroness Goldie said:

“They should be proud of this great achievement; “This is a great development for the RAF and an exciting development for the MoD.”

The military version of the Airbus A330, called the RAF Voyager, flew over Oxfordshire in this test; While for all its engines, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) was used. This provides many capabilities for the future of military and civilian flights.

flying a military plane with cooking oil;  Reducing the carbon emissions of military aircraft

Carbon emissions of sustainable aviation fuel that is based on sustainable raw materials such as waste cooking oil is produced, typically up to 80 percent less than conventional jet fuel. This successful trial will also reduce the RAF’s dependence on global supply chains and increase the flexibility of its operations and reduce its carbon footprint. “Michael Wigston, commander of the British Royal Air Force said:

“Climate change is a transnational challenge that threatens our resilience, security and collective well-being. “For this reason, we aim to make the RAF the world’s first carbon-free air force by 2040.”

According to UK government regulations, greenhouse gas emissions must be zero by 2050. To achieve this in the aviation industry, a strategy called Jet Zero Strategy has been defined, which emphasizes the rapid development of technology for decarbonization; in such a way that the advantages of air travel are maintained while at the same time the decarbonization potential is maximized.

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