Investigations carried out by some media indicate Fix LinkedIn filter Is. This platform and some other popular apps have been unfiltered.

According to the investigations, it seems that LinkedIn social network And some other social networks and external platforms have been unfiltered.

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Fix LinkedIn filter

LinkedIn in recent years social network Jobs have been popular in Iran. From the beginning of Mehr 1401, Google Play, App Store, Starlink website and some others Social Networks Because LinkedIn, Instagram and WhatsApp were removed from the reach of Iranian users.

Fix LinkedIn filter;  Will it be the turn of WhatsApp and Instagram?

But now user reports indicate that at least LinkedIn is available again. This social network is now available on mobile operators and some important ISPs. It remains to be seen whether Fix LinkedIn filter Is it permanent or will this social network be unavailable again?

In addition, some other reports indicate that the Skype filter, which was unavailable since the second of October, has been fixed. This program is also available now. In addition, some limitations of the App Store have been fixed.

domain googleadservices, which to display Google Ads ads is used, it is another international platform whose restriction has been lifted a few hours ago.

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