In recent hours, a number of video games that were filtered have been unfiltered. Fix Dota 2 and Counter Strike filter are among these cases.

Simultaneously with the start of filtering some foreign programs in Iran, online games were also filtered on mobile phones, consoles and PCs. However, the situation for Iranian gamers is improving.

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Fix Dota 2 and Counter Strike filter

According to the reviews, 2v2 and Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) games have been unfiltered. Also, during the last weeks, I saw the removal of the filter Clash of Clans game we were. This game was among the first filtered games in Iran.

Fix Dota 2 and Counter Strike filter

it is necessary to mention online games They are in different and strange conditions. So that game overwatch 2 For some users, it has entered the main menu, but it does not have the ability to identify the wrist, of course, for others, this problem is not observed either. However, it is not far from the imagination Filtered games Others and even Discord should be unfiltered.

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Do you have the ability to connect and play Dota 2 and Counter Strike? Can you connect to online game servers? What do you think about Dota 2 and Counter Strike filter fix? Please leave your comments in the comment section duplicate share

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